As digital content goes mainstream, brands have subsequently shifted their focus to online advertisements. Sometimes, these are bearable and others, they’re downright horrendous. But chances are, you don’t want to use an Adblocker as you support these creators, hence, I present to you a Chrome extension that uses artificial intelligence to evaluate your interests and blocks ads accordingly.


“AdFilter” is a free extension for Google Chrome that anonymously tracks your browsing history and analyzes your tastes and habits based on that. It employs a range of AI algorithms to “to learn and understand the types of content, issues, brands and products that you like best”. The extension, as a result, will block the majority of advertisements which are irrelevant to you and will only display the ones on which you’re most likely to click or be interested in, basically. Apart from that, the app doesn’t come with a whole bunch of settings, however, you can disable it for particular websites by clicking the little icon on the extensions tray.

Currently, AdFilter can handle most elements out there including banners, advertisements on YouTube and Facebook, pop-ups, and other invasive advertisements. In my usage, the extension worked most of the times, however, it still needs some updates to attain better accuracy. Although it will gradually improve over time as the AI algorithms are betting their results on how much I actually use it. AdFilter is also significantly lighter than its counterparts such as Adblock Plus which is quite commendable. If you’re concerned about privacy, though, the extension’s description says that their data collection is entirely anonymous.

AdFilter is available for free on Google Chrome’s web store, head over to this link for downloading it. Also, let others know in the comments section about your experience with it.

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