DVR recorders of the past have now been promptly reinstated with a modern touch. PlayOn Cloud is a DVR service for streaming, yes this iOS app records your streaming from Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now and many other streaming services so that you can download and view it anytime on your device. When a user selects a video on the PlayOn Cloud app on iPad or iPhone the app starts a stream on a virtual PC and records the show just like a traditional DVR and once done users will be able to download a .mp4 file. The download can be accessed across multiple devices and can be viewed offline.


The best part is that it can skip the commercials while recording the videos from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, HBO NOW, PBS, and YouTube. The trial version of the app allows for five free recordings post which the app will charge $0.99 per recording. The service aims at helping the users who want to access offline content during traveling and in places wherein internet connectivity is not a possibility. Also, once the download is complete you will receive an email with a link for the download, that said the download will be saved on cloud for only 30-days.


Streaming services like Netflix and Amazon have already introduced offline viewing service and this leads me to ponder over the necessity of PlayOn Cloud. Well, to begin with, Netflix’s offline viewing option is not available on a huge part of its catalog and moreover, some of the titles are available for a limited period and will be taken down by Netflix. So with PlayOn, you can download any video/show and it’s yours forever, unconditionally. PlayOn’s Desktop DVR offers a similar functionality but requires a PC for functioning.

The makers of the PlayOn Cloud claim that the app is as legal as any other DVR out there and the viewers have a right to record the content and further assures that their PC counterpart has been offering the same feature from 2011. Apparently, Apple has also conducted a legal review of the app and has approved for distribution via their Appstore.



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