Fitness wearables have come a long way and with this, we have witnessed an emergence of fitness ecosystem. We have a shoe that counts your steps, a band that monitors your vitals and socks with textile sensors that keep a tab on your heart. This time around we have an Indian startup that has designed a fitness T-shirt that comes with inbuilt navigation. Called the “Sygnal” the fitness T-shirt looks like a usual piece of clothing until one presses the button on the sleeve, no unlike the Transformers it won’t transform into anything but will instead pair with the companion app.


The Sygnal pairs up with the companion app and tells you about the number of steps taken, number of floors climbed and also the calories burnt. The T-Shirt also senses the distance covered and the best part is that it is washable. Also, Sygnal offers screen free navigation functionality that vibrates and guides the user, pretty much similar to Lechal insoles we had covered earlier.

Sygnal shirt is made up of vibration sensors, rechargeable battery, BLE module, microcontroller and a soft switch, its a dry fit apparel that is rechargeable and washable. The battery is rated to last for 5 days and can be charged from a usual USB charging cable. The companion app is programmed to fetch the data from the T-Shirt every 15-minutes and is available for both iOS and Android. The Sygnal is available in Sky Blue and Silver Grey and will be available across all sizes up to XL.


The Fitness T-Shirt is being sold via a crowdsourcing campaign on Fueladream and will be priced starting from Rs 2,499. International customers need to pledge $59 and the shipping will start in April with 100 units being shipped every month. If you fancy a T-Shirt that keeps track of your health and activities then the Sygnal might shape up as a perfect companion. That said, I would opine that users would like some variety and its very rare for someone to wear the same shirt all the time. It’s evident that Sygnal will not be able to replace your fitness band in totality.

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