After the MacBook Pro battery issue caused a lot of furor amongst users and media, Apple blamed the inaccurate “Estimated battery time remaining” features and consequently removed the same from MacOS (after an update that failed to work). Sadly Apple is yet to come up with a working/accurate version of the feature and until then we are left at the mercy of third party products and probably a small hack to get the old feature back.


It’s annoying. Battery life indicator may not be accurate in nature, but at the same time, it’s annoying not to see one. Especially where I come from (read as Windows!), the battery time estimation is an integral part of my life. No, I am not complaining about the battery backup of my MacBook but instead, I am hell bent on getting the battery indicator to work on macOS Sierra. Well the ways to get back your Battery Time indicator is many and I attempt to list them out.

Activity Monitor


Some of us defer from messing around with the system files and are also paranoid about third party applications eating into the computing resources. While Apple has removed the Battery time indicator on the latest macOS Sierra there still exists a place wherein you can find the battery indicator. I do agree that this is not the most intuitive way but again it’s still relevant considering that you don’t have to install anything.

Head over to Activity Monitor in utility folder which is nestled in Applications Folder. The Application folder can either be found in Finder or another folder in the Launchpad. Once the Activity Monitor is open select the Energy Tab and then in the bottom you will be able to see the ‘Time Remaining’ estimate. Again this method might not be the most reliable, especially for the MacBook Pro users.



CoconutBattery is one of the oldest battery morning tool available for the Mac and until recently this tool was long forgotten. Well most of us don’t see the necessity to delve into the advanced battery stats every now and then but if you do then the Coconut Battery is a handy tool indeed. Apart from showing quintessential battery stats the program also displays information about your Mac including the day it was activated.

CoconutBattery displays information bar with regards to charge capacity, battery health and also the number of battery cycles your MacBook has endured. Also, one can check out the battery health and the charge cycles of their iPhone as well, provided it’s connected to the Mac.

iStat Menu


iStat is a control panel for your Mac, for some, it might seem like an overkill but those of you who go crazy with the mention of stats this is for you. Keeping aside all the other features the iStat Menu also brings the battery remaining indicator on the menu bar and displays the time remaining.

Apart from the battery time remaining counter the iStat also offers a tiny CPU, Memory and SSD graphs that update in real-time. The program also lets you check the SSD performance and other advanced stats including, cache memory, resources consumed by each app and further also mimics the ‘Apps using significant energy.’ iStat Menu costs $8.99 and you can decide on it after trying out the 14-day trial.


In a nutshell, it’s not that difficult to reclaim the Battery Indicator on your MacBook but it’s time that Apple bundle the same in their next official update. Also, I would like to remind you that the above methods are not precise, especially on the new MacBook Pro with the TouchBar, however, it seems to work just fine on my MacBook Air.

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