Got the Monday Blues? Well, you could try turning them grey by exercising the little grey cells in your cranium. Or at least the geeky side of it, For here we are with the sixth episode of the Great TechPP Crossword, with clues and answers from the world of tech. Go right ahead and see how many you get right. And don’t forget to share your scores!


1 Go ahead and be appy by saving a ton of storage and RAM on your Android device, with these new browser-like apps. (11)
4 Short videos that go around and come around. (9)
7 What the gamers call Agent 47. (6)
9 Swinging a club at a ball in a golf course was never supposed to be this calm. (2,4)
11 Sirji, we don’t think Vodafone and this operator tying up is good news for Indian telecom. (4)
13 It has got Style and Sport and a whole new Android as well. Worth getting Wear-y about. (2,5)
14 Plain, Air or Pro, the book from Cupertino. (7)
15 “He looked like a hairbrush” – who knew he would be the Lord of Design one day. (4,3)


2 The brand might have been Note-worthy for all the wrong reasons, but hey, it just gave us the first Chromebook Pro. (7)
3 Nexus and Pixel devices can do this instantly, thanks to a new flavor of Nougat. (9)
5 Chrome is getting appily human? Or well, part human anyway thanks to these apps. (7)
6 The smartest T-shirt we have seen – hey, it does fitness and navigation too. Cannot see anyone swapping this one! (6)
8 Want a wider aperture on your iPhone’s camera? Get it this instant. (6)
10 This Beauty and the Beast is the best value for money flagship device around. But hey, it is not from Disney. (6)
12 Get into HDR mode, and your camera will take as many shots as there were musketeers and combine them into one super shot. (5)

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