We’re still months away from the major iPhone announcement of this year, however, leaks and rumors have already begun to flow in abundance. Another such report recently revealed by the Wall Street Journal states that the upcoming iPhone (8 or 7S?) will be replacing the lightning port with the industry standard, USB Type-C.


The move certainly adds up since the Cupertino conglomerate’s recent laptops, MacBook Pros had only USB Type-C ports, and connecting an iPhone inconveniently, required a dongle. However, there’s also a possibility that the change will be made not to the iPhones, but into its power adapters ditching the USB-A plug on the end of the iPhone power cable. This will allow them to directly connect with the Macbook Pro through the Type-C port and continue with their homebrew lightning port as well. Replacing the lightning port will also raise controversies given the fact that users bought compatible headphones with their iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, and if Apple adds USB Type-C, they’ll need an adapter which will be just outrageous.

The report further, reaffirms the leaks we’ve been getting for the past few weeks. Apple will be introducing three new iPhones later this year which will include annual upgrades to 2016’s flagships and an additional premium device. The latter is expected to sport a curved screen like the one found on Samsung’s S7 line, and one of these variants will also come with an OLED display instead of LCD.

Moreover, these new iPhones might also ditch the physical home button in favor of a function area. Again, only one of the aforementioned models will probably have this feature. Adding a configurable function area will definitely bring coherency throughout Apple’s product lineup. The premium edition iPhone will be reportedly termed as the ’10th Anniversary Edition’ and is expected to attract a price tag starting at around $1000.

Source: WSJ
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