YouTube has announced its own streaming TV service called the YouTube TV. It’s for the first time that YouTube will be broadcasting live TV shows and cable television program along with the usual mishmash of YouTube videos. The YouTube TV shapes up as a middle ground for those of us who resisted cable TV. YouTube has not specified the actual launch date and it says that the service will roll out in the upcoming months.

The YouTube TV will be offered as a standalone service that will be charged at $35 month and the bundling will roughly include a total of 35 channels across major networks including ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC. Also, a total of six accounts will be allowed for every household and needless to say each of the accounts can be personalized. However, despite allowing for six accounts YouTube TV apparently restricts the number of the live stream to only three. The caveat though is that the streaming service will leave out on some channels from Viacom including Comedy Central and also MTV. While Showtime can be opted as an optional HBO is locked out.

The icing on the cake comes in the form of YouTube Red subscriptions bundled along with the streaming service. The new YouTube TV app also bakes in a better search feature that is contextual in nature and can search by genre. The offline recording is yet another plus point thanks to the unlimited storage space on Google’s Cloud. YouTube had recently revealed that it has clocked a billion hours of video playback every day and it’s only a matter of time before the streaming services like Netflix and YouTube take over your living room. As of now, the only downside I see is the lack of TV style bundling, yes most of the streaming networks have exclusively licensed with services and this means that one cannot access all the cable networks in a single place.

Also, the incumbent cable networks are fighting fiercely by announcing their own streaming bundles, take for instance the Sling by Dish Network or Vue from Sony. On a related note, Hulu has been reportedly working on something similar and since it’s majorly owned by the TV Networks, we might witness a more diversified and comprehensive catalog. Also, Apple is allegedly prepping its own streaming bundle and it goes without saying that streaming bundle is here to stay and prosper.

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