Dogs are undeniably the best things that have walked the face of this earth. The little paws, the wagging tail, the adorable wet nose and do not even get us started on the eyes. While our pooches are the most adorable things in our lives, we can not disagree with the fact that raising a pup can be no less than a road uphill with lots of hiccups. And although there are some problems that you have to face when it comes to raising a dog, we think there are some which one can definitely avoid.

Fortunately, there are apps which make our lives easier. As they say, “there is an app for everything.” So what will happen if we will combine these two? Let’s see what maths tell us:

Dogs (great things)+ App (great things) = Dog Apps (twice as great)

Now that we have formulated an equation (we all know that everything becomes written in stone when in the form of a math equation), allow us to tell you that no matter what situation you are in, there is a good chance that there will be a doggie app to save the day. So, we have compiled a list of apps that we think every pup parent must have to avoid parenting blues.

1. PetCoach


In this busy world, we want everything on the go. This includes advice about our furry friends, too. PetCoach helps you with just that. Your dog has a got a rash suddenly? Or is it not eating well? With PetCoach, you can just directly talk to a certified vet and ask whatever you may wish. And not just vets, you can also get in touch with trainers and other pet experts and can ask any questions related to your dog and that too free of any charges. You can also mark your favorite experts and can ask them questions directly. PetCoach is a tiny app which one can download in a jiffy. After installing the app, the app asks you to log in with a registered email id or you can log in with your Facebook account. Once that is done, the app will ask you the basic details about your pet and you are good to go. You can read authored articles about pets and find answers to your questions from the section where thousands of questions have been answered before. One can also ask an expert directly or join the forum. The application is available both on for iOS and Android for free.

Download from iTunes, Google Play Store

2. Pet Friendly Hotels


It generally is assumed that your travel plans go for a toss when you get a dog. But what if we tell you there is an app which allows you to search for pet-friendly hotels around your travel destination? Well, Pet Friendly Hotels is one such app. You just have to download the application and you are pretty much good to go. Enter your travel destination and dates and the app will find these hotels and accommodations nearby where people will not shrink their noses at your furry kid. Once you have entered your destination, the app provides you with a number of options. You can click on the hotel you like, look at other details and what the hotel offers and select the option which suits you the best. The app is available for iOS and Android for free.

Download from iTunes, Google Play Store


There is always a first time for everything and there is nothing more daunting than becoming a pet parent for the first time. Wondering what treats to give your pooch and which ones to avoid always leaves the new parents in a dilemma because some things which are treats to humans can be threats for your pet. To avoid any such health hazards, every pet parent should install the APCC app by ASPCA.


The app will first ask you to select a species of pet. Once that is done, you will get categories including Plants, Foods, Medications, Cold Weather Hazard amongst others. You can select a category out of the lot and the app will suggest the things which can be harmful to your dog or your pet in color codes. For example, we chose dogs as the species and plants as the category. The app suggested the names of the plants in alphabetical orders and the level of toxins in those plants was indicated by colors against the plant’s name where green suggested ‘very mild,’ red suggested ‘severe’ and so on. The app is available on iOS and Android for free.

Download from iTunes, Google Play Store

4. Map My Dog Walk

You have just moved to a city where there are no dog parks nearby and it is just busy roads all around you? Such a condition can be a pain for all the dog parents out there. Where you take your dog for a walk and for how long is a crucial part of pet parenting. Map My Dog Walk is an application which tracks routes, time, distance, speed and calories burnt in real time using the GPS on your smartphone. The app maps your route, helps you connect with friends with dogs and keeps a track of your and your dog’s fitness.


The app requires signing up, with your email id or via Facebook. Once signed in, the app will give you a three slide introduction after which you can allow the app to get access to your location and Voila! It will start working. The app will note the duration and distance and will give you the stats in the end. The app also allows you to log a workout, set goals, offers different training plans, participate in challenges, meet friends, keeping tack of nutrition amongst other options. The app is available for both Android and iOS users.

Download from iTunes, Google Play Store

5. BarkPost

BarkPost is one of those apps which launches instantly after installation. There are no boring tutorial slides or any lengthy signing up procedures. One just has to install the app and that is pretty much it. First things first, we have to admit the app’s logo and all the other doggie doodles inside are super adorable.


Coming back to the app, BarkPost, as the name suggests, allows you to read about dogs and everything related to your puppy or as they claim in their app description, “It is the best way to keep up with on doggie news”. And as soon as you open the app you will get the trending articles on dogs in general. But if you are looking for something specific, the app allows you to search that as well. The app has categories including Life, Discover, Humour amongst others. The app also allows you to share the articles on various social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. The app is not very heavy and will not take up too much space in your phone plus is available on both iOS and Android platforms for free.

Download from iTunes, Google Play Store

6. Tractive GPS Pet Finder

Every pet parent pretty much knows that these furry kids are not any less naughty than human ones. We pet parents constantly get nightmares about leaving the door unlocked which might give our puppies a chance to run away. While losing your pet might be your worst nightmare, there is an which actually makes sure that this nightmare never becomes reality. Tractive GPS Pet Finder is an app which tracks your dog in real time and keeps a tab of all the locations your pet has been to, with the help of a physical tracker that you have to place on your dog (any GPS tracker will do). Not just this, the app allows you to create a Safe Zone for your dog and if your dog decides to amble somewhere on its own and steps out of the Safe Zone, the app will automatically notify you.


The app works with the help of a GPS device, and unlike BarkPost, it gives you a four step introduction to the app and then requires you to sign in. To use the app you obviously would have to give your location access to the app. Once that is done, the app will require the details about your pet like name, type and breed. After this, you would have to pick a tracker, provide the active tracker’s id and the app will finally start working. This may seem like an eternally long process but we do not think you would mind it. After all, it is about your furry kid.

Download from iTunes, Google Play Store

7. BarkCam

There is no denying the fact that it is the time and age of social media and cute pictures of dogs and pups rule the social media world. But what do you do when want to show the world how cute your furry kid is and your dog is not the canine version of Gigi Hadid? Or if your dog is this hyperactive baby who cannot stay still for a second? We have the answer. You go to the iTunes App Store/ Google Play Store and download BarkCam. It turns your dog into a New York Fashion Week Model who can pose perfectly for your Instagram feed. The app, we think is a sibling of BarkPost as both are created by the same company and have somewhat similar adorable logos.


The app only requires a few permissions and speeds along once granted permissions. It basically has various noises recorded which will be played to get the attention of your pooch and once that is done, it will click a picture automatically. Which means you just have to press the sound button the next time you want your mutt to say cheese. There is a wide variety of sounds you can choose from including treats, burps, traffic noise, etc., and see which one works the best for your kid and holds on to his/her attention. The app also allows you to take selfies with your pet.

Download from iTunes, Google Play Store

Want to become the ultimate pet parent? Well, these apps might make you happy. If not, they will definitely make you appy. Yeah, woof!


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