Google is all set to score some brownie points with parents thanks to its new parental control software called Family Link. The software will help the parents set up a Google account for their kids and also hands over a bunch of controls and the ability to manage screen times along with other parameters like the daily limit. The app will also let parents control the apps that their kids use.


Interestingly, Family Link is more like a third party app and can be installed on any Android device. The app that is installed on the parent’s device can be used to monitor their activities, set limits and also keep a bird’s eye view on their wards. That said, the app requires both the parents and the kids to be hooked to Android and Google has not announced an iOS version yet.

The app works pretty much like any other third party ones, parents need to install the app and set it up on their device which is running Android KitKat and upwards. But then, the device of the children should be running at least the Android Nougat (irony!). The software is apparently designed to be used for children under the age of 13. Once installed, parents will have an option to block or allow certain apps on the Google Play store and it works in line with the “Ask” feature on the Apple’s iCloud. Parents will also get an approval window for every app that the child is installing from the Play store and they can either deny or approve the same.

The best part is that the app allows parents to delve into advanced settings including the ones wherein they could simply set the filtering options for even inbuilt apps like Google Search and also the Chrome browser. This is bound to protect the children from unwarranted content including adult material. This feature has the potent to shape up as a quintessential app when it comes to Android tablets and other Android devices that are shared in the family. As of now, Google is allowing testers in the US to try out the service (apply here), with public rollout expected in the near future.

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