Until now, Amazon’s Alexa was available only on the Amazon devices including the Echo and Echo Dot, while the Google Assistant, which apart from Google Home, is also available on smartphones. Starting now, Amazon is rolling out a new version of the Amazon app to iOS users and the Alexa will be bundled with this update. Users can use the Alexa intelligent assistant while using the Amazon app.


Apart from shopping and tracking details, the Alexa on the Amazon app will also let you do other stuff that is typical of Alexa, like asking for a joke or seeking a particular piece of information. The Alexa will also play music, control Internet of Things and needless to say you will also be able to access more than 10,000 skills.

Last month, Amazon had come up with an access for Door Lock API which allowed users to lock and unlock smart doors with smart locks from companies like Vivint and Kwikset. Roomba owners will also be getting an Alexa skill which will let the users control the Vaccum cleaning robot in a better manner.  Amazon is also offering free AWS credits for Alexa developers.

Skills are one of the most interesting aspects of Alexa, this feature is somewhat akin to the IFTTT recipes one could create. Amazon opened up Alexa to developers in 2015 and apparently, thousands of developers are working on creating new skills that will help ease people’s lives. For instance “This Day in History” is a daily history lesson that will make you familiar with one history fact a day by funneling out from the history.com website. If inspiring quotes figures out in your daily diet you can simply use the Inspire Me selection that reads out the quotes for you. On the contrary, Google Assistant is yet to master the skills as it offers less than 100 as opposed to the 10,000 skills offered by Alexa.

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