Have you ever thought that the still wallpaper on your homescreen is getting dull and boring? Of course, you have. That’s why, we present to you – “Pixtory”. This free iOS and Android app brings interactive and captivating stories from photographers based in over twenty-two countries straight to your smartphone homescreen.


Pixtory acts as a community for a wide range of storytellers who upload photographs along with their respective stories. These could be anything from representing a political campaign to macros of ladybugs. Through the Pixtory smartphone app, you can set these images, which are curated by a group of contributors, as wallpapers and read the article behind them with a tap of the finger. On Android especially, things get a bit more interesting as it supports live wallpaper and periodically based on your preferences, displays new entries. You can then double-tap to view more and browse others. iOS users will have to manually launch the app and configure them as backgrounds.


Furthermore, you can upload your own pictures via the Pixtory app and they might get featured on the public feed if approved. Additionally, the app allows pinning a particular story to the daily feed. Head over into the settings and you’ll find some helpful tweaks such as “enable blurred wallpapers”, and “enable dim wallpapers”.

Lastly, there’s an option for enabling a lite version if you have a lower-end device. The developers behind the India-based social community believe you’ll consume these stories during events like “on the way to work or while waiting for a meeting to start.”

Pixtory is entirely free of cost and definitely a recommended app if you’re looking for an intuitive homescreen experience. If you’re still confused about what it does exactly, have a look at the video attached below.

Pixtory for Android

Pixtory for iOS

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