Net Neutrality Approved by FCC

The highly controversial Net Neutrality rules have been passed by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) which prohibits broadband providers from blocking customer access to legal Web content. But the actual verdict is far different from what the backers of the idea thought they’d be getting. The net neutrality regulations ban content blocking and require transparency from ISPs such as […]


Price Drop: Google Nexus S and Samsung Galaxy Tab

This is a two-in-one news post about the drop in price of two of the hottest selling gadgets in the world today – Samsung’s Galaxy Tab and Google’s Nexus S. But then the drop is not worldwide and specific to US and UK respectively. More details below Buy Galaxy Tab at $199 on Contract at U.S. Cellular Ever since the […]


Notion Ink Adam Tablet Gets Hands-on Treatment

Notion Ink Adam Tablet Gets Hands-on Treatment

Finally, we have the hands on video of the Notion Ink Adam tablet. The video demo shows off the multi-tasking capabilities of Eden UI, the customized version of Android, made specifically for Adam tablet by the Notion Ink guys. The video was published on their blog by the CEO, Rohan Shravan but only six hours after it was published ‘exclusively’ […]


Infosys Develops Digital Smart Home Gateway Using Atom and Meego

Infosys, the Bangalore based IT giant has developed an innovative technology called Digital Smart Home Gateway which allows the user to link, control and collaborate various smart digital devices in home through a single easy to use interface. The gateway is powered by an Intel E600 Atom processor and MeeGo open source software. In simpler terms, the gateway links multiple […]


Top 10 YouTube Videos of 2010

Google has released the Top 10 most watched videos on YouTube in 2010. The list includes some of the classics like the Old Spice guy and the bed intruder song and of-course those annoying Justin Bieber screeches. According to Google, more than 700 billion YouTube videos were watched this year and there were more than 13 million hours of video […]


Track Santa in Real Time with Google Maps

Christmas is just a couple of weeks away and Santa must be getting ready buying all the gifts he has promised us! To help all of us track Santa, Google and NORAD are ready with their Santa tracker, using which you can follow Santa once he gets on the move at around 2am EST on December 24 2010. NORAD, the […]


Notion Ink Adam Pre-Orders Live, Pricing Starts at $375

The wait has finally come to an end. The pre-orders for Notion Ink have started, though only for those Notion Ink family members who have been leaving comments on their blog. If you are not one, you would need to wait a bit longer. But it’s not too long anyway, so hold your breath. Notion Ink Adam Pre-order Link As […]


Latest Facebook Lawsuit – Winklevoss Twins Sue Again

The Social Network movie drama is yet to get over. Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, the twin brothers who had already sued Facebook, claiming that Mark Zuckerberg stole their idea for a social network, when they were in Harvard, are now suing Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg again. The earlier Facebook suit had made the Winklevoss twins get richer by $65 million, […]


Gosh! Nexus S Website is an iPhone Clone!

Gosh! Nexus S Website is an iPhone Clone!

Google seems to have copied Apple with their Nexus S phone webpage. Unless I have a serious eye sight deficiency, I am sure each one of you will agree with me. Be it the color combination, font usage or the basic design, everything about Nexus S webpage looks heavily inspired. Have a look at the Nexus S website (features page) […]


Watch Chrome OS Event Live Online Today

As we reported 2 days back, there are strong rumors of Google launching Chrome OS netbooks today at San Fransisco. What’s confirmed though, is that the Google Chrome event will be starting at 10am PST. The schedule points out the Demo session towards the end of the event which again indicates the possibility of Chrome OS netbook launch today. Watch […]