Google’s Educational Edition for Schools

Google is in discussion with architects of educational software. This will facilitate the construction of a marketplace for online learning programs, a business whose worth may draw near $5 billion. Google Apps Education Edition is an expansive IT elucidation that schools can apply to get communication and collaboration apparatus to the entire educational society, free of cost. Google administers all […]


The Cloud Revolution – All About it !!

To wonder why cloud computing revolution is occurring today, is something of circumlocution. A comprehensive definition of cloud computing, fundamentally gets associated with a broad swath of the major advances happening, in how IT is functioned and distributed at present. Internet- based computing where servers provide resources, software and data to computers and other devices on demand is known as […]


Net Neutrality Approved by FCC

The highly controversial Net Neutrality rules have been passed by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) which prohibits broadband providers from blocking customer access to legal Web content. But the actual verdict is far different from what the backers of the idea thought they’d be getting. The net neutrality regulations ban content blocking and require transparency from ISPs such as […]


Infosys Develops Digital Smart Home Gateway Using Atom and Meego

Infosys, the Bangalore based IT giant has developed an innovative technology called Digital Smart Home Gateway which allows the user to link, control and collaborate various smart digital devices in home through a single easy to use interface. The gateway is powered by an Intel E600 Atom processor and MeeGo open source software. In simpler terms, the gateway links multiple […]


WiMax and LTE-Advanced: Mobile Broadband on the Horizon

WiMax and LTE-Advanced: Mobile Broadband on the Horizon

Guest post by James Helliwell. Would you like an Internet connection that’s always on, whether you’re at home or on the go? It’s already here in many cities across the US, thanks to WiMax. The US Department of Agriculture recently awarded over $504 million in stimulus funds to 40 companies who are planning to broadband to rural areas using WiMax. […]


On the Brink of 4G Seamless Technology

On the Brink of 4G Seamless Technology

Guest post by James Helliwell. As the drive for greater access speeds keeps increasing, technology is struggling to keep pace with this order. The newest proposed method is 4G which has a bright future, with a promised delivery rate of 100 Mb per second when used with highly mobile devices, and as much as 1000 Mb for stationary receivers. This […]


Google Earth Engine – An Endeavour for Environment Protection

Google Search Engine is a free service that presents a variety of functionality. Google Earth Engine is the giant search engine’s philanthropic arm; it is a platform that provides assistance to collect and analyze environmental data.  Google has introduced a strong innovative mapping tool at the Cancun-Mexico climate talks, to monitor the ever elevating weather changes in the global environment. […]


Beware! Black Friday SEO Scam Hits Google

Beware! Black Friday SEO Scam Hits Google

There is a full fledged Blackhat SEO scam/attack being unleashed on Google search, specially targeted at Black Friday related searches. As reported by Panda Security Labs, Blackhat SEO campaigns work by tricking search engines into displaying malicious search results. Amongst several options available under their disposal, the most common way employed by Blackhat criminals, is to generate thousands of related […]


IE9 Found with Specific Optimization to Suit Benchmarks

While conducting tests of different browsers using SunSpider Benchmark, the engineers at Mozilla found a rather queer bug. IE9 was specifically altered to load an optimized result while running a benchmarking tool. Mozilla’s engineer Rob Sayre reported his findings with Microsoft in Microsoft Connect. The basic problem is that IE browser, while running the JavaScript code, should perform an optimization […]


Naked Body Scans Leaked Online

This had to happen sooner than later. Gizmodo has uncovered several naked TSA scanner images which were improperly retained by U.S. marshals from the security checkpoint scanners. These machines were from a courthouse in Florida and show lower-res pictures than those produced by the Transportation Security Administration’s newer machines. The outcry over the improper scanning and frisking policies of the […]