Nikon and Canon: Brand or Quality?

Nikon and Canon: Brand or Quality?

It seems that for some time now, photography has become a general, trendy, favorite pastime. Everyone loves taking photos, in a more or less professional manner. This trend is of no surprise if one takes into consideration two major aspects: Nowadays, photo cameras are part of any low to high-end electronic gadget, especially mobile phones, which have become a natural […]


The Significance of ‘Design’ in Technology

Intrigued by the different mobile phone technologies, varied home appliances, and amazing network structures? Well what’s the similarity between all these? Of course, the impressive design. Be it a simple building construction or a complex networking; design is the X-Factor. Your design can make or break your whole project. With competitive advantage gone in the wind and competitive disadvantage playing […]


Haiku Alpha 3 – an Uber-Fast OS That you Probably Never Heard Before

Haiku Alpha 3 – an Uber-Fast OS That you Probably Never Heard Before

What other operating system aside from those made by Microsoft, Apple, Linux, Google do you know? Have you ever heard about Haiku Alpha 3? On June the 20th the great Gurus from Haiku Inc. decided to indulge us with a new release of the treat that this OS truly is. Well so you are probably asking yourselves: what is this […]


The Future of 3D Gaming for Gadgets

Are you a hardcore gamer? Then, you will either have a crush on 3D or conversely, you may have certain negative perceptions about it. 3D gaming is an area with mixed reviews. A recent report from Guardian says, “Although 3D televisions seem to be hyped about by the television companies, the users of 3D TVs may be lower than the […]


Can White Space Revolutionize the Wi-Fi Technology?

With the increasing numbers of devices using Wi-Fi, as well as bandwidth requirements for web-based applications, the current commercially available wireless technology is falling behind. The launch of gadgets like Google Chromebooks, has made consumers slowly embrace the principle of online-only activities. Moreover, other cloud-based services from Amazon, Microsoft and Apple are steadily becoming the status-quo. But while software innovations […]


How to Make Your Computer Data Live Forever

How to Make Your Computer Data Live Forever

Guest post by Monique Shefer. The way we work, play and interact has changed radically in the last decade. These changes are reflected in the rise of user created content, the ubiquitous use of software as a service and the growth of cloud storage. These things are merely the tip of the proverbial iceberg. They mark the beginning of a […]


Homomorphic Encryption- An Introduction

The phrase Homomorphic Encryption might sound heavy, specially if you are hearing it for the first time, but its whole purpose is to simplify your database and information solutions. Let’s try to understand the term better before getting to know all about it. Homomorphic encryption alludes to an encryption where plain texts and cipher texts both are treated with an […]


Intel to Launch 3D Transistors enabled Atom Chip Architecture

Intel has announced the launch of one of the most resourceful chip designs with the all new Atom chip architecture.  This latest chip will be named “Silvermont” and is due to be released in the market by 2013 which will be the best architecture in the new transistor structures. These advanced transistor structures will be instrumental in adding a new […]


4 Reasons Organizations Use R for Data Analysis

Guest post by Adam Green. “Analytics” is a real buzzword these days. Whether you’re a marketer, a webmaster, or a CFO, you need data to stay competitive. And now that the tools used to gather data are more widely available and user-friendly than ever, there’s really no excuse not to use them. Many are even free. Google Analytics, for example, […]


Google Chrome – Top 5 New Features Expected Soon

The race to become the world’s top browser and get as many internet users on-board has left world-class developers think, work and execute better than ever before. Mozilla, Google and Microsoft have all pulled up their socks and are rearing to win the race for supremacy as far as the most popular browser is concerned. Mozilla soon after announcing its […]