What Happens in Every 60 Seconds on the Internet [Infographic]

The big bad world of Internet has grown magnanimously in recent times. It has integrated so well into our lives that we hardly ever recognize the line between online and offline world. Well, a crazy infographic by Go-Globe swept me off my feet. Did you know that, in just 60 seconds, 98,000+ Tweets get posted on Twitter 695,000+ Status Updates […]


Changing Times: 1996 vs 2011

Changing Times: 1996 vs 2011

Whoa! I bumped across this wonderful cartoon at Reddit, which is hilarious for sure, but accurate nevertheless. A satirical take on the changing times. But who is complaining? At-least I am not! It is all about multi-tasking now, isn’t it? Have a hearty laugh! How about an infographic about 2011 vs 2026? Oh no, the world is ending in 2012


Angry Birds in Real Life: Funny T-Mobile Advert

Angry Birds in Real Life: Funny T-Mobile Advert

Watch out! Here comes the Angry Birds! Unarguably the best and most successful and addictive game for mobiles, Angry Birds has managed to amaze people ever since it was released as an app for iPhone and iPad. It went on to be the most sold app on the Apple app store and one of the most popular games on Android […]


[How to] Fix any Computer?

Some time back, we had a look at how the fanboys perceive Linux, Windows and Mac operating systems. Well, here is another epic, courtesy The Oatmeal – How to fix any computer? How to fix Windows PC? How to Fix a Mac? How to Fix a Linux? Oh yeah, Linux kernel is mainly written in C and not C++. But […]


Linux, Windows & Mac – as Seen by Fanboys

This is an old but still interesting enough graphic to (re)share here. Not that I agree with the observations made, but I might not be the right one to comment since I am not a fanboy of any one operating system as such. But a stress reliever, nevertheless! [via]Reddit


The Geeky Side of Egypt Protests

There has been a lot of unrest in Egypt over the past week. Not just specific sites like Facebook & Twitter, the whole of internet was cut-off. Though it has been restored for now, the unrest is yet to end. Someone at PunditKitchen listed down the best Egyptian protest signs and we have re-listed the geekier side of the protest […]


Make Your Own Google Search Story

I’m almost an year late, but I’m sure enough of you haven’t tried Google Search Stories yet. Google surprised everyone by releasing a Super Bowl ad last year titled “Parisian Love“. The ad got really popular and started a viral meme of sorts, including some parodies. Google was quick enough to sense the opportunity and they released a nice Youtube […]


Difference Between Owners Of Facebook & WikiLeaks

Difference Between Owners Of Facebook & WikiLeaks

Chances are that you are already addicted to Facebook & sharing all your personal and professional information on it. You may also be familiar with WikiLeaks which gave us private, secret, and classified media from anonymous news sources and news leaks and was dragged to court for that. But have you thought how Facebook is no different from Wikileaks as […]


How Windows Works?

Before any Microsoft fanboy flame me for putting up this funny chart, let me confess that the chart holds good for Mac OSX and Linux as well. But the last part of the chart is more closer to Windows than the other two operating systems. Isn’t it? [via]GraphJam