Make Your Own Google Search Story

I’m almost an year late, but I’m sure enough of you haven’t tried Google Search Stories yet. Google surprised everyone by releasing a Super Bowl ad last year titled “Parisian Love“. The ad got really popular and started a viral meme of sorts, including some parodies. Google was quick enough to sense the opportunity and they released a nice Youtube […]


Difference Between Owners Of Facebook & WikiLeaks

Difference Between Owners Of Facebook & WikiLeaks

Chances are that you are already addicted to Facebook & sharing all your personal and professional information on it. You may also be familiar with WikiLeaks which gave us private, secret, and classified media from anonymous news sources and news leaks and was dragged to court for that. But have you thought how Facebook is no different from Wikileaks as […]


How Windows Works?

Before any Microsoft fanboy flame me for putting up this funny chart, let me confess that the chart holds good for Mac OSX and Linux as well. But the last part of the chart is more closer to Windows than the other two operating systems. Isn’t it? [via]GraphJam


Google Removing JPEG Support from Chrome

Google Removing JPEG Support from Chrome

If you think Google removing H.264 support from Chrome to silly, how about this? Removing JPEG support from Chrome. Google had this to say in a post on the official Chromium blog, which was eventually removed. We expect even more rapid innovation in the web image format platform in the coming year and are focusing our investments in those technologies […]


Wanna Play Angry Birds on BlackBerry?

Possibly the most popular game on mobile devices right now is Rovio’s Angry Birds which is completely addictive and fun to play. It is already available for iOS devices like iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, and also on Android as well. Recently, Angry Birds was made available on Windows and Mac App store as well. Unofficially, it has been ported […]


Facebook Relationship Status Options

Dear Mark, The options you have provided to set our relationship statuses are incomplete and confusing. With your new profile, I am pestered and forced to choose one. Please help me. Thanking you, Tiger ————————————————————————————— Dear Tiger, May be this is what you were looking for. Cheers! Mark [via]MUO


What is Scopophobia? [Geeky Fun]

Hilarious! Isn’t it? But I wasn’t sure if I can term this Geeky fun. But hey! who (other than Wikipedia) can represent geeks on the web? On a serious note, feel free to help Wikipedia stay free. [via]Geeksaresexy


Holy Cow! Microsoft Doesn’t Know Simple Maths

Microsoft has been selling their Windows operating systems ever since 1993. That’s a good lord 17 long years. They have had more than eight different versions of Windows OS in those 17 years, and all of them were aimed to do simple & complex computing. One such tool aimed to help us carry out simple computing is the Windows calculator. […]


Outside US, Google Music Search is all about Lady Gaga

Outside US, Google Music Search is all about Lady Gaga

Google is head over heels for Lady Gaga. If you don’t trust me, then check out the Google Music Search from anywhere outside US. Though it clearly mentions that Our new music search feature is currently only available in the U.S. It still carries a search box as well as a search button! Try searching for your favorite singer; be […]


Specialty of 10/10/10 – Virus Alert, Chinese Wedding & More

There is something really special about today’s date. For all those who are strong believers in the “perfect ten” concept, here’s a date you should look forward to. Today is 10/10/10. A day which is special for everyone because of it’s numerical rarity which occurs once in 100 years. But there is more to it than just the numbers. While […]