Samsung Galaxy S3 Specs and Special Features

Samsung Galaxy S3 Specs and Special Features

Samsung finally unraveled its latest effort, the much hyped Galaxy S III. Apart from the amazing applications and utilities, the device comes packed with some amazing specifications that will certainly end up justifying it’s not so cheap price tag. We will all agree that what makes SG S3 great are actually its smart features and technological innovations in the software field. […]


OMNIA W – Samsung’s First Windows Mango SmartPhone

Taking wraps off to Omnia W, Samsung has unveiled its first windows 7.5 smartphone along with a couple of other devices. Marketed as India’s first smart phone that is equipped with the latest release of Microsoft Windows phone 7, with the code named Mango, this phone is offered with a standard slab design with a metallic finish on the back. […]


Float on Cloud 9 with Google ChromeBooks

In a world where old does not become gold, constant re-invention is the need of the hour. With its Chromebooks, Google is trying to revolutionize computing by changing to a browser-centered model. Chromebooks are sleek, slim and can easily be disassembled. Chromebooks does not need beefy parts that a Windows-based laptop needs for performing faster and for that it relies […]