Nokia N9 – Ignore at Your own Peril

I have never been a Nokia fan, may be a bit during the Nokia 6600 times, but definitely not in recent times. They used to release truckload of similar sounding devices here in India and other emerging countries. A few Nokia fanboys loyalists, specially here in India, used to go gaga over some of the releases like N900 & E6, […]


Nokia N9 – Specs, Features, Price, Availability & More

Nokia has announced the world’s first ever button-less smartphone – the Nokia N9! This was announced during the ongoing Nokia Connection 2011 event at Singapore. Powered by Meego Harmattan OS, Nokia N9 is touted as the Swipe phone and comes with absolutely zilch buttons. Even the unlocking is done via double tapping the screen twice. But yeah, they do have […]


Infosys Develops Digital Smart Home Gateway Using Atom and Meego

Infosys, the Bangalore based IT giant has developed an innovative technology called Digital Smart Home Gateway which allows the user to link, control and collaborate various smart digital devices in home through a single easy to use interface. The gateway is powered by an Intel E600 Atom processor and MeeGo open source software. In simpler terms, the gateway links multiple […]