Ultimate List of Kinect Hacks

It’s hardly a month since Kinect for Xbox 360 was launched and it is already the best selling gadget in US and elsewhere. In this short amount of time we have seen some of the coolest Kinect hacks which we have listed down below. Now that Microsoft has given the green signal for hacking Kinect, we will see many more […]


IE9 Found with Specific Optimization to Suit Benchmarks

While conducting tests of different browsers using SunSpider Benchmark, the engineers at Mozilla found a rather queer bug. IE9 was specifically altered to load an optimized result while running a benchmarking tool. Mozilla’s engineer Rob Sayre reported his findings with Microsoft in Microsoft Connect. The basic problem is that IE browser, while running the JavaScript code, should perform an optimization […]


Kinect for Xbox 360 Reviews [Round-up]

The most awaited gadget in this holiday season, Kinect for Xbox 360 has been released to the retail market today and the blogosphere is abuzz with views and reviews of Kinect. Though we are not able to review it ourselves (Indian launch is on Nov 19th), we have done a round up of all the popular and reliable reviews available […]


Holy Cow! Microsoft Doesn’t Know Simple Maths

Microsoft has been selling their Windows operating systems ever since 1993. That’s a good lord 17 long years. They have had more than eight different versions of Windows OS in those 17 years, and all of them were aimed to do simple & complex computing. One such tool aimed to help us carry out simple computing is the Windows calculator. […]


Windows Phone 7 Launch Event & Keynote – Watch Online Live

The tech community & the blogosphere is abuzz with Windows Phone 7 launch event which might will reveal some WP7 devices like LG Optimus 7. The company has scheduled the launch event in New York at 6.30 AM PDT/9.30 AM ET today, October 11th 2010. In addition to LG Optimus 7, we might see the lauch of other Windows phone […]


LG Optimus 7 Officially Leaked Before Windows Phone 7 Launch

An overzealous LG official leaked the details of LG Optimus 7 right before the Windows Phone 7 launch happening later in the day. The leaked details include the spec sheet as well as gallery of images of Optimus 7. It’s a different matter altogether that most of the details were already known, but it would still hamper Microsoft’s hopes of […]


What’s Interesting Behind the Generic User Icon in Outlook 2010?

Microsoft Outlook 2010 features a new pane called the “People Pane“. It’s a nice little feature, especially when used in tandem with the Outlook Social Connector. One of the things the People Pane does is to show a little picture of your contacts. Since not everyone bother to have their picture uploaded to Outlook, People Pane uses a default picture […]


Windows Phone 7 Release on October 21st, New Ads Appear

Big news for Windows Mobile fans (if there are any). Microsoft is set to unveil a wide range of Windows Phone 7 devices starting October 21st in UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. The same day launch in US is yet to be confirmed. We always used to hear about the October launch of Windows Phone 7, whose RTM version […]


Windows Phone 7 ad – ‘the Revolution is Coming’

The first official Windows Phone 7 ad has hit the web, and it promises that “the revolution is coming.” Well, it has to be a revolution, for the sake of competition and well-being of Microsoft in mobile technology space. The way in which Android and iOS have overtaken Windows Mobile, it needs more than a revolution for Microsoft to catch […]


Xbox 360 Arcade Gets a Price Drop in India, but Wait a bit!

Xbox 360 Arcade Gets a Price Drop in India, but Wait a bit!

We have just been informed about the price drop in Xbox 360 arcade gaming consoles in India, with immediate effect. Starting today, i.e 7th July 2010, Xbox 360 Arcade will cost Rs. 14,676 instead of the earlier official price of 16,990, which is a whopping 2.5k slash. Although many Retailers still sell consoles for well below this new MRP, it […]