The Skype Migration

The Skype Migration

Guest Post by Zac Kenni. Skype is a popular messenger for its free “PC-to-PC” and “PC-to-Phone” multi-lingual calling and messaging services. Users can enjoy voice calls as well as live chats which allows video conferencing on the internet. A Skype user is registered and identified through a unique ID which is stored on a database on the Skype server. Registered […]


Google Chrome – Top 5 New Features Expected Soon

The race to become the world’s top browser and get as many internet users on-board has left world-class developers think, work and execute better than ever before. Mozilla, Google and Microsoft have all pulled up their socks and are rearing to win the race for supremacy as far as the most popular browser is concerned. Mozilla soon after announcing its […]


GMail Motion Prank Turned into Reality with Kinect [Video]

GMail Motion Prank Turned into Reality with Kinect [Video]

Google has always taken pride in coming out with some of the best april fool pranks since 2000. This year though, they had as many as 18 pranks distributed amongst their various web services like Youtube, Google docs, Blogger etc. But the prank which garnered enough eyeballs was Gmail Motion, which was about a new feature that lets you use […]


The Internet Explorer 6 Countdown

The Internet Explorer 6 Countdown

“10 years ago a browser was born”, that’s the slogan that we see on The Internet Explorer 6 Countdown page. This is Microsoft’s initiative to educate and make online browsing a safer place. They go on by saying “It’s name was Internet Explorer 6. Now that we’re in 2011, in an era of modern web standards, it’s time to say […]


Why Nokia Ditched Android for WP7? And Why it’s a Good News for us?

The much expected Nokia – Microsoft marriage strategic partnership was announced today which has shaken up the smartphone market place a bit. The two firms are proposing to build a new global mobile ecosystem that will challenge the likes of Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android, which are stealing market share from the Finnish & Redmond giants. Under the new alliance, […]


The Google Deception

Guest post by anonymous “Don’t be evil” says Google, information and services should be free. People should watch videos for free. We’ll make a free browser, free operating system, free picture viewer, free search free free free stuff. (applause) – How about free Google Ads? Google is a great company and I love it. It’s just that there are some […]


Ultimate List of Kinect Hacks

It’s hardly a month since Kinect for Xbox 360 was launched and it is already the best selling gadget in US and elsewhere. In this short amount of time we have seen some of the coolest Kinect hacks which we have listed down below. Now that Microsoft has given the green signal for hacking Kinect, we will see many more […]


IE9 Found with Specific Optimization to Suit Benchmarks

While conducting tests of different browsers using SunSpider Benchmark, the engineers at Mozilla found a rather queer bug. IE9 was specifically altered to load an optimized result while running a benchmarking tool. Mozilla’s engineer Rob Sayre reported his findings with Microsoft in Microsoft Connect. The basic problem is that IE browser, while running the JavaScript code, should perform an optimization […]


Kinect for Xbox 360 Reviews [Round-up]

The most awaited gadget in this holiday season, Kinect for Xbox 360 has been released to the retail market today and the blogosphere is abuzz with views and reviews of Kinect. Though we are not able to review it ourselves (Indian launch is on Nov 19th), we have done a round up of all the popular and reliable reviews available […]


Holy Cow! Microsoft Doesn’t Know Simple Maths

Microsoft has been selling their Windows operating systems ever since 1993. That’s a good lord 17 long years. They have had more than eight different versions of Windows OS in those 17 years, and all of them were aimed to do simple & complex computing. One such tool aimed to help us carry out simple computing is the Windows calculator. […]