Nokia Lumia 510 Launched in India; Comes with 4-inch Display & 5 MP Camera

Nokia Lumia 510 Launched in India; Comes with 4-inch Display & 5 MP Camera

Nokia is hell bent on (re)capturing the budget segment in the mobile phone market in India. After a series of Asha branded handsets (running Symbian), the struggling Finnish giant has just launched the most affordable Lumia yet, Nokia Lumia 510. The company is yet to announce the actual price of Lumia 510, but has only confirmed that it’ll be below […]


Can Windows Phone 7 Revive Nokia From Symbian’s Ashes?

Can Windows Phone 7 Revive Nokia From Symbian’s Ashes?

Recent reports from Strategy Analysts have revealed a rather unsurprising phenomenon: Apple has recently become world’s number one smartphone vendor in volume, followed closely by Korean giant Samsung, leaving former leader Nokia on the third place. While the first two companies have enjoyed record sales and big profit gains thanks to Apple’s iPhone 4 and Samsung’s Galaxy S2 respectively, Nokia’s […]


Why Nokia Ditched Android for WP7? And Why it’s a Good News for us?

The much expected Nokia – Microsoft marriage strategic partnership was announced today which has shaken up the smartphone market place a bit. The two firms are proposing to build a new global mobile ecosystem that will challenge the likes of Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android, which are stealing market share from the Finnish & Redmond giants. Under the new alliance, […]


Unofficial Windows Phone 7 ROM for HTC HD2 Released

A great news for all you HTC HD2 owners! Windows Phone 7 has been ported successfully onto HTC HD2 by the Dark Forces Team (DFT) and it’s all demonstrated in a video series which you will find after the break. For those looking for guidance on porting WP7 onto HTC HD2, watching the videos will just be enough. Right from […]


5 Geeky Things to Lookout for in 2011

5 Geeky Things to Lookout for in 2011

A fantastic year is about to end, and we joyously embrace a new dawn. I wish all our readers a very Happy New Year! Though this year may end, it was an year full of innovation, ideas coming to life and technology taking new strides. But the coming year is expected to be full of surprises. There are a few […]


Windows Phone 7 – What’s Good & What’s Bad?

Microsoft announced around ten different WP7 devices including LG Optimus 7, Samsung Omnia 7 and five different HTC 7 devices earlier today. Steve Ballmer described the new line of Windows Phones as “different” from the competition and with focus on two things: always delightful, and wonderfully mine. The always delightful part refers to the UI and the user experience which […]


10 Windows Phone 7 Handsets Announced for 30 Countries

Microsoft has announced the launch of ten Windows Phone 7 handsets for 30 countries around the world. As expected, nine of these ten phones will be available October 21 in select European and Asian markets and early November in the US. This is the first time we are seeing Europe and Asia getting a major phone launch ahead of US. […]


Samsung Omnia 7 Windows Phone 7 Handset Revealed

Nothing seems to be going Microsoft’s way on the day they are holding Windows Phone 7 Event and trying everything to keep the surprise and excitement alive. Right after LG Optimus 7 got leaked officially, Samsung Russia has revealed the details of Samsung Omnia 7 right before the Windows Phone 7 launch event. Samsung Omnia 7 – Specs & Features […]


Windows Phone 7 Launch Event & Keynote – Watch Online Live

The tech community & the blogosphere is abuzz with Windows Phone 7 launch event which might will reveal some WP7 devices like LG Optimus 7. The company has scheduled the launch event in New York at 6.30 AM PDT/9.30 AM ET today, October 11th 2010. In addition to LG Optimus 7, we might see the lauch of other Windows phone […]


LG Optimus 7 Officially Leaked Before Windows Phone 7 Launch

An overzealous LG official leaked the details of LG Optimus 7 right before the Windows Phone 7 launch happening later in the day. The leaked details include the spec sheet as well as gallery of images of Optimus 7. It’s a different matter altogether that most of the details were already known, but it would still hamper Microsoft’s hopes of […]