Know the Anatomy of Websites with Sitonomy

by: - Last updated on: November 20th, 2013

Sitonomy is a free online service which will lets a web-master or a blogger to know how a particular website has been put together, thereby one can evaluate the different technologies that are employed in all those successful websites by just providing the URL in the search box! It gives out a list of components powering the website like the Blogging platform, Advertising tools, Affiliate networks, Stats analysis tools, Feed subscription tools, Server software etc.

Below is a snapshot of Sitonomy breakdown for WebTools&, a website providing Tips, tricks on Internet Security.

sitonomy screenshot

In addition to the listing of components, it lists the alternatives available for each of them, which are being used in other websites. You can use this feature to to decide on which technologies will suit your website the best. It also provides a Bookmarklet in order to access the same information while browsing the websites.

Check out Sitonomy right now and understand what constitutes a successful website in the simplest possible manner.

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  1. Hi Raju,

    Yes I agree with stratosq, and all this information, and much more, can be revealed by looking at the source code of the page. But the way it is presented in an organized way, looks good.

    Thanks for the link, and revealing the anatomy of my site.

    One request. Could you change the Anchor Text of the link from WebTools&, to “Internet Security”.


  2. whoa, excellent tool. pretty creepy but then, nothing stays hidden on the web. great service to analyze your competitors. ^_^

  3. @Donace
    Don’t worry, I didn’t track your website details ;) Welcome to TP :)

    Yeah, just right click and View source will reveal most of the things, but the ease with which it provides the info is commendable

    Oopss… I just replied to Startos before reading your comment! and I have changed the anchor text!

    u r bang on mate :) as always!!