If you are someone who likes to upload your files to multiple file-hosts and share the links with your peers, then here are the 6 possible ways to do that.


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With TinyLoad, you can upload your desired files to multiple hosts at once through a single step. TinyLoad is absolutely Free. Maximum file size supported by TinyLoad is 100MB. It also features a bookmarklet that helps in quick uploading the files while writing a comment , email or a post.

Upload Jockey

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UploadJockey is free to use, but comes with a limitation of 100Mb per upload. Uploading files to UploadJockey is easy. Just browse to your file, upload it and you’ll be returned a link to a page with download links from different hosts. Just be careful what you’ve click because there’s quite a number of ads on the upper fold of the page. Apart from that, UploadJockey also gives you some revenue for sharing files!


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Unlike TinyLoad & UploadJockey, Rapidspread does not allow the selection of file hosts but spreads the uploaded files to all file hosts that it has in its database. The ten file hosts currently in the database include Rapidshare, Sendspace and DepositFiles. A profile page for every uploaded file is created which can be accessed to reveal the links to the various file hosts the file has been spread to.


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You can either upload a file from your computer or specify the URL of a file that you want mirrored. After MassMirror gets a copy of your file, it re-uploads it to the 7 file hosts that it currently supports. This is extremely fast. To share your file, just use the URL that MassMirror gives you after upload is complete. This will load a list of mirrors that downloaders can choose to download from.


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Similar to other services mentioned above. Fileducky supports rapidshare, badongo, sendspace, zshare and has a limit of 100mb per file uploaded.

Zoom’ File & Image Uploader

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It supports more than 70 file hosting services, including popular options like Mediafire, Megaupload, Rapidshare, Sendspace and 23 image hosts like Imageshack and Tinypic. Multi-server options like Rapidspread and MassMirror are also included. Parallel uploading is supported up to a maximum of eight at a time. When uploads complete, FUP displays links to your files and embed codes.

Go ahead and choose the best one for your requirement!

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