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by: - Last updated on: August 24th, 2019

As mentioned earlier, Microsoft has announced the launch of Windows 7 (beta) and you can grab a free copy as well. But, for that you are required to be using Vista and you must have enough RAM to spare. Just in case you like to test-drive and experience the Windows 7 feeling, here are some Windows 7 themes for Vista and XP.

Windows 7 theme – 1

windows7 preview

How to install this theme
1. Download the Windows 7 Theme.
2. Install the UXTheme Multi-Patcher 6.0.exe” from “UX Theme Patcher” folder in the zip file.
3. Double click on the “Windows 7 M1 VS.msstyles” in “Theme\Windows 7 M1 VS” folder to install the theme.

Windows 7 theme – 2

theme 2

Download Link

Alternative Download Link

More info & Instructions

Windows 7 theme – 3

theme 3

Window 7 Themes For Vista & XP | Size 5.30 MB | OS – Windows Vista and XP
Click Here To Download

Have I missed any? you know a better theme? Do share it here!

Disclaimer: None of these themes have been tested or uploaded by me and I own no responsibility for anything whatsoever!

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  1. I had forgotten about the possibility that some users of Vista and XP would want their interfaces to look more like Windows 7 is currently looking. It makes sense, and these themes have come out quite soon after the release of the beta version. The designers must have been on top of the issue.

  2. hey quit bashin windows 7…windows 7 is the best thing MS has come out with so far. i beta tested it and i went and bought it. its better than xp and vista both were