Top 10 Product Review Websites

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Everytime a person comes across a new product – be it a television, a mobile phone or a car, he/she likes to know the opinion of those people who have already used the product atleast once. This is a normal human behavior. On the web, there are hundreds and thousands of websites which do nothing but Reviewing the new products in town. Today I am sharing my analysis on which of these product review websites make it to my Top 10 list!


Top 10 Product Review Websites

1. CNet Reviews


CNet is the web division of CBS Interactive and over the years has proved itself to be one of the most reliable and comprehensive site for Product reviews. It covers a wide range of products – from Electronics to software to web hosting. User reviews in addition to Editor reviews on the latest products in the town make it a popular product review site.

2. ConsumerSearch


ConsumerSearch is known for its no-nonsense website design and easy navigation. The products are neatly categorized and arranged making them “easy to access”. There is a wide range of products reviewed from Home & garden to Kitchen & food to Computers. Its a service from!

3. TestFreaks


TestFreaks is a relatively new Product review Website which is more of a collection of reviews from more than 60 countries across the world. What I love about this website is its unique feature of getting the reviews from other reputed websites and presenting all of them to the user at once place. In addition to that, users can submit their own reviews. They have an India specific website as well.

4. TrustedReviews


Trusted Reviews has a comprehensive categories of products reviewed including Video reviews. More than the user reviews, the editorial review dominates the content here. You can compare prices and specifications of different product models.

5. Epinions


Epinions is a Product Review service, which features millions of product reviews. Here, they encourage the product reviewers by awarding Titles like “Top reviewer”, “featured reviewer” etc. Don’t miss the Epinions Top 10 lists on the left sidebar.

6. MouthShut


Mouthshut is one of the first Product review websites I used. The products reviewed here include general ones like cars, electronic appliances and unique ones like credit Cards, Schools and websites! Mind you, its more of an India specific website.

7. ConsumerReports

consumer-reports is one of the oldest product review services currently. Contrary to others, it follows paid-subscription mechanism and has more than 2 million subscribers currently making it the top most paid-subscription based website publication.

8. Wired Reviews

wired-reviews reviews make it to the Top 10 product Review Websites list due to the sheer quality of product pictures it carries. Though the reviewed products are mainly electronic based, they are thoroughly reviewed, but hardly any user based reviews available in the site.

9. Buzzillions


Buzzillions features almost 5 million product reviews all over the world. Anything and everything you would need would be reviewed here (well, almost!). But the only reason for it to miss out on Top 5 spot was its annoying pop-up right when you enter the website asking for a web-survey.

10. ReviewCentre

review-centre claims to be the most unbiased product review site and I do not want to comment on that. Rather, the category cloud and other easy-to-navigate features on the homepage impressed me enough to include it in Top 10.

So, how did you find this Top 10 list? Missed your favorite site? Which one you use?

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  1. Hey thanks for the mention! That’s a great list of sites. Sorry about the popup but we’ve got to make sure we’re checking in with users about the user experience. It’s not for advertising purposes. It’s really to help us plan our website feature development. We also carry millions of reviews outside of Electronics in categories like Sporting Goods, Health & Beauty and Home & Garden, Shoes, Clothing etc. Cheers, Jim

  2. Hi thanks for this list it a great start for me as a newbie with an online web store. I really learnt a lot about how effective getting reviews are for a growing business.
    For my market (Clothing) Epinions, Buzillions and Review Center are relevant. I loved Buzzillions but can’t have my product or site submitted for review because they get reviews through a feed to which one has to go through a paid subscription (not an option just yet) Epinions, I didn’t find very pleasing, going through the clothing section I searched for reviews in my product category but only found things for sale and though they say they are a review site it looks like there are lots of products from EBay. Basically, couldn’t find information for businesses, or how one would go about getting your company/product listed/reviewed. Then I found a link to because they said the products are fed through there and sure enough it’s EBay; looking up they have terrible reviews on Alexia.
    On a good note, the Review Center was great, one can navigate through and find information for businesses; business can have their customers come and submit reviews, and they will post your logo and company information. Only thing is that they service the UK.
    So thanks again like I said I learnt plenty from your tips.

  3. Thanks for the great list! I added a few of these to my bookmarks for later use.

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