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by: - Last updated on: October 21st, 2019

Update: Apple has released the FULL VERSION of iPhone 3.0 firmware. Direct download links, unlock/jailbreak details and other ultimate list of resources here.

On March 17th, Apple unveiled the much hyped new firmware version of iPhone – version 3.0 beta and since then the blogosphere and the twitterverse is abuzz with this news. The new firmware brings some exciting new features, like the Copy and Paste functionality, iPhone Tethering and Multimedia messaging.


But sadly, this beta version of the firmware is available only to the iPhone App developers and the final iPhone 3.0 firmware will be released during the summer for consumers and till then there is no direct way of accessing and testing out the features of this new firmware on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Now the good news is, here on TechPP you can download the iPhone 3.0 firmware beta for your iPhone (2G and 3G) or for your iPod Touch (1G and 2G), thanks to Sizlopedia. He will also provide you instructions on how to install and get it working on your device without any problems. Below you will find the download links for each of the device.

Direct Download of iPhone 3.0 beta firmware for iPhone 2G

Direct Download of iPhone 3.0 beta firmware for iPhone 3G

Direct Download of iPhone 3.0 beta firmware for iPod Touch 1G

Direct Download of iPhone 3.0 beta firmware for iPod Touch 2G

Once you have downloaded the zip file, use Winzip or Winrar to extract the files onto your local folder. The installation and upgrade procedure for the devices will be discussed in an upcoming article.

Warning : You MUST have an iPhone 3G registered as a developer handset, otherwise after upgrade your phone will get stuck at the emergency screen, add to that You CANNOT downgrade back to 2.2.1 once upgraded to 3.0, Use at your own risk ! Better wait for the detailed installation and upgrade guide from Saad.

Edit: Installation Guide to upgrade to iphone 3.0 beta

[Via] Sizlopedia

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  1. I will suggest those who are not the dev users..wait for a while…
    and don’t fall for scam people who will say that they can convert your license to Dev license for 10$…..

    Thanks for the link Raju :)

  2. If you download the 3.0 firmware, you have to unplug your ethernet from your computer before you do shift-restore or else a message will come up that says that you need an Apple Developer account (which is $99 a month). If you do upgrade to the 3.0 firmware you will have to disconnect from the internet everytime you sync your iPod Touch all Gens or iPhone all Gens.

  3. i am using 2.1 firmwere i upgraded to 3.0 & i did every thng and its awesome

    after 2days i tryed to install imagemagic application from source after installing da

    application it says u have a huge images delete some images and it structed with

    the display ………

    so i restarted the iphone by pressng da home & power buttom.

    after that i can see only the apple logo it is not detecting by itunes and

    quickpnw plz help me…………..