If you own a website or a blog or a forum, looking at the PageRank of your website is an exciting thing. As I had mentioned before also, Page Rank is just one of the ways to evaluate where you stand as a webmaster. And another such parameter is Website value. Though there is no accurate measure of how much a website is worthy of, there are some online tools which provides a vague idea through its own calculations.


The calculations may be based on the Google PR, website backlinks, Alexa ranking, Compete rankings, quantcast rankings, URLs submitted to social networking sites etc. Some of the most popular websites to check your website worth are given below.

15 Free Tools to check your Website’s Value

1. MyWebsiteWorth


MyWebsiteWorth is a free tool which will analyze your site, and let you know how well it’s being monetized, and what value you could sell it for. The calculation is based on Alexa ranking, Compete rank, Google PR, estimated number of visitors to the site and People rank.

2. Website Outlook


Website Outlook is one of the first websites which started evaluating a website based upon its Daily pageviews, ads revenue, Alexa ranking, PR, backlinks, DMoz listing etc. In addition to website valuation, it also shows the other websites sharing the same IP address as the one being evaluated. The website has got a makeover recently and I must say I liked the previous one much more than the current looks.

3. Value My Web


ValueMyWeb uses an innovative approach to come up with your website value. Unlike other website calculators, Valuemyweb crunches through a lot of data to evaluate your website worth. SEO, organic keywords, social media, and other relevant website information are considered before valuating the website’s worth. But when I tested it on TechPP.com, it got the Google PR itself wrong!

4. Website Valued


Website Valued gives you an estimated value of your online business by profiling your website for technical information, keywords, public visitor stats and then comparing them to the database of previous site and domain sales. They also have an in-store marketplace where you can sell and buy websites. The information available here is comprehensive and detailed unlike other website valuation services.

5. Cubestat


Cubestat is a free tool for website value calculation, estimations and information. It can estimate the website worth, daily pageviews and daily ads revenue of the present domain.

6. Stimator


Stimator is a new resource that is out in public beta and they take into consideration aspects such as TLD strength and motivation factors within the buying market. For its part, web factors and comparisons with other sites on the database are also fully accounted for.

7. Your Website Value


Your Website Value tries to estimate websites values, using its website value calculator that evaluate and calculate websites yearly potential based on many factors such as Number of pages indexed in search engines, Number of sites linking to the website etc.

8. U2WS


Among many options, you will be also able to get the page rank, the traffic details, etc. Finally, if you are interested in getting to know in what part of the world the website is located, you can also do that. You get a detailed information about websites, like traffic details, web statistics, website estimated value and daily income, rankings, related links, host ip address and much more.

9. Glurk.com

Glurk is a free online tool which will give you a pretty good estimate of what your website is worth. It is YOU who will be entering the values like monthly uniques, monthly revenue, years in existence etc. I believe this tool is much more accurate than others as it considers a lot of intangibles that can affect the website value like domain name length, pronunciation, income source etc.

Other sites worth mentioning

10. WorthBot

11. Ninja Website Appraiser

12. Welcomia

13. dnScoop

14. Website Value Calculator

15. Blog Worth

Resources which help to evaluate a website’s worth manually

In case you are really looking to either sell your website or buy one, following resources might help you in estimating the actual worth of the website. Use these in addition to the free online tools given above to come to a logical conclusion.

1. What is my web site worth?

2. How to sell a website? How much is your website worth?

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