Find Similar Images Using Google Image Search

by: - Last updated on: August 24th, 2019

Google has launched yet another new experimental feature (via Google Labs) that allows you to search for similar images among the image results using Google Image search. Just type the keyword and hit the search button to see image search results. Click on ‘similar images‘ link under any image to see other image results which are same or similar.

If you search for Jaguar, The image results will be


Clicking on Similar Images link below the image of the cat, you will get


This is not the first of the kind service available online. Online services like TinEye have been doing the same using “Reverse Image Search technology“. But ofcourse, you are bound to expect better search results via Google. It is still a beta service, so expect some glitches.

Checkout Google Similar Image Search here


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  1. Hello ,
    Nice to know about this search option from your blog . I was wondering if you know any thing about were i can download my image and then search to know if their is any image like that any were .. or can google do that too ..

  2. not so useful if one has a file one wishes to cross check that is not already hoste OR one that is but cannot be found by searching