Making of Zoozoo Ads and the Real Faces Behind Zoozoos

by: - Last updated on: August 24th, 2019

IPL 2009 is more than half way through and reaching the climax, but it is not the cricket which is grabbing the limelight, rather it is the Ads from Vodafone popularly known as Zoozoos which are making quite some waves.

If you thought the initial set of ads (wallpapers + videos + secret behind Zoozoos here) then the next set is even better. The bar keeps rising from one ad to the other. The stock alerts, facebook on Vodafone, Group call and the call divert ads are just hilarious. Now, since the secret behind Vodafone ads is known to all, it is time to know the real faces behind those egg-heads.

The picture below which I got through an email forward gives the names of the actors and the ads they were in. The ads were shot at 20 frames per second to make them look like animation. It also helped them cover the bloopers of the baby steps the ZooZoos took as they were blind from inside.

Making of Zoozoo Ads

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Source: Ahmedabad Mirror


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  1. Its really amazing………….Thk u soo much for creating such a wonderful add…in even youngsters as well as elder person like this add very much I love this very much……. n I thk u all u worked behind it……n Request u to creat still more gud information on this….

  2. this creation gives the intelligence and beauty of human being. In my opinion this is the eighth wonder of the world. I love Zoozoo’s motion its remarkable. I wish that i would like to be one of them.

  3. i new that they were humans not animated characters, but my sister did not believed me. After visiting this site, she believed me.
    by dibyarupa jena