Track Your Lost or Stolen Mobile Phone Using Phone Guardian

by: - Last updated on: August 24th, 2019

Answer these simple questions:

  • Don’t you care for the mobile phone you own?
  • Isn’t it valuable enough to be safe-guarded?
  • What precautions have you taken to safe-guard it?

If you own a S60 generation phone and if you are worried about the safety of your mobile phone, then go ahead and download Phone Guardian.

Phone Guardian is a mobile security anti-thief software for your Series 60 v3 Symbian smartphones. In case you lose your smartphone or it gets stolen, then Phone Guardian will allow you to remotely secure and auto lock your Symbian mobile by sending a lock SMS.

The good thing about Phone Guardian is, once you have locked the cell phone using this software, it stays locked and in order to unlock you would need to send an SMS! Not just that, you can even enable Phone guardian to automatically send an SMS without letting know the thief, with some information that allows you to track him down. This is by default enabled on SIM Change.

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Features of Phone Guardian for S60 Mobile Phones


1. Phone Guardian becomes active (locks the mobile, emits the siren) when a different SIM card is inserted or on lock SMS.

2. Remote mobile lock and unlock with SMS.

3. Operator specific and location information is automatically sent to the number specified, including the number of SIM, IMSI and CellID numbers. You can then use this data to map the location of the cell phone using CellToMap.

4. Siren option can be put on and off.

5. Uninstall possible only with secure password.

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Phone Guardian is a shareware and hence you would need to pay once the trial is over. But I believe its worth the price for the functionality it provides. For a complete list of compatible phones, click here.

Download Phone Guardian

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  1. I lost my iphone4 16gb black colour on 10th November my IMEI NO:012750006507715 ad sm1 took it frm my pocket I have done my fir bt didn’t get any response I wish I could get my iphone as soon as possible having positive hopes plzz do revert back


  3. A kid named troy stahl broke into my house and stole 3 phones 2 non activated and 1 reported stolen 2 non active were birthday presents need help on finding them please help.