Yeah! You heard it right. You can download unlimited music or movies at a measly price of just $10 per month (or $18 for both) from this new startup called Zookz. Wondering how RIAA and MPAA are allowing this? It’s because –

1. Zookz is based out of the US (from Antigua)
2. It seems the WTO ruled with Antigua after a long series of battles over the fact that US restrictions on online gambling were found to violate free trade agreements. Despite the decision, no new forms of offshore online betting were allowed in the US. In retaliation, Antigua received permission from the WTO to suspend US copyright obligations up to a value of $21 million dollars annually.

Update: Zookz is closed and unavailable now.

Update: Other working music downloader apps


This is like giving rights to copyright infringement! LA Times technology blog has a detailed article about the judgment, which is too complex for me to comprehend and write it here. In case you like to know more about this confusing judgment, go over here and have a look.

There are around 50,000 MP3 songs and around 1500+ movies in their database currently, which is not even comparable to what iTunes and Amazon have, but still, the copyright holders are striving hard to challenge this service and get it suspended.

Even though I am against the likes of RIAA and MPAA, I feel this is highly unethical and opportunistic as neither the poor singers nor the rich record labels get a share of your $10. If you still want to go ahead and register for their service, you can do so at

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