Here is a quick heads up on a new service which will help you search and download eBooks about almost anything easily and the best part is, all this for FREE!

EBook Tuber is a simple Ebook search engine with an easy to use interface.


The search results are pretty accurate more often than not. You can search for any book you like, be it the Harry Potter series or books on Physics or Photoshop or even some comics. The search results redirects you to the page containing details about the eBook source and link to download the eBook.

The eBook can be in one of the following formats – .PDF, .DOC or .PPT

Sometimes, the results contain relevant but useless links like Press releases, private documents etc. Make sure you have a look at the size of the doc and the title to get a better idea before starting to download. The search engine is bit slow, but may be just a temporary glitch.

Search and Download EBooks for Free on EbookTuber

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