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Megavideo is one of the most popular video sharing websites on the web currently. The basic service is free but comes with a catch. If you watch video for more than 72 minutes, you will be shown this message –

You have watched 72 minutes of video today. Please wait 54 minutes or Click here to enjoy unlimited use of Megavideo


ARGH! How can you watch an episode of anything or a movie when this annoying popup keeps appearing? Below are few ways to bypass megavideo 72 minutes limitation

Megavideo Hack 1

Step 1: Click PLAY button of Megavideo episode, click PAUSE and wait for the video to buffer to 100%.
Step 2: After the video is done buffering, go to your menu bar on your browser, and click on File > Work Offline.
Step 3: Watch the episode.
Step 4: Unclick the “Work Offline” button and do the same with other episodes.

Megavideo Hack 2 – Download Megavideo Videos

In both IE and Firefox, videos are stored in Temporary Internet Files Folder and so you can hack from there by copying the file and renaming the extension to FLV. Load up the video so its 100% buffered. In Internet Explorer click Tools –> Settings (under the “Browsing History”) then “View Files“. Sort the folder by file size. Your video should be the largest file in that folder and named something like “73efd837a90c290b80aa0f55b82455j8”. Copy and Paste the file onto the desktop and rename the file extension to .flv. You can now watch it on your FLV player or in VLC.

Megavideo Hack 3

Simply add +++ at the end of the megavideo url and type enter. Many users have complained that this hack doesn’t work always. So use it with discretion.

Megavideo Hack 4

If you have dynamic IP, block all cookies from Megavideo and disconnect your modem from your line and reconnect it!

Megavideo Hack 5

Use any of the Free VPN services and follow the below steps –

Step 1: Before video start: Right click > settings > local storage > set to: 0
Step 2: Clear browser’s cookies
Step 3: Run VPN > click disconnect & connect to get a new ip
Step 4: If still not working, restart your computer then run the Free VPN.

Enjoy watching unlimited online TV episodes and movies on Megavideo!

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