Watch Free Live TV on iPod Touch and iPhone

by: - Last updated on: December 17th, 2016

Watch live TV on your iPhone or iPod touch!

TVU Networks brings you a live TV service with 300 channels from around the world. Now, the same great stuff that you watch on TVU on your PC, is available right here on your iPhone through WiFi.


After starting the app, which can take some time, TVUPlayer dumps a list of channels in front of you. Each one is paired with a thumbnail screengrab, but unfortunately they’re not ordered in any particular fashion.


The App cost $4.99 and comes with lots of features. It works through wifi and not 3G connection. Some of its features include:

* Favorites
* Search
* Landscape mode viewing
* No viewing limitation

The app is still in beta and honestly it needs a lot of polishing before we can use it on a daily basis. Few channels like Sky News work like charm while many others are too slow and keep getting crashed. Have you used this app? Let us know if you have or if you are planning to use!

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  1. I’ve used it a few times and don’t think it’s to bad. but I would love to get more cable stations or sky channels because i live in the uk.

    is there any of getting these type of station that would be great, I love sky sports or sky movies.

    anyway thanks for yor time and keep up the good work.