This is a Guest post from S.Pradeep Kumar.

Your blog design might be perfectly optimized for the Desktops. But lot of people out there frequently checks your blog for new content using their mobile. You can track that using Google Analytics.

Readers are not interested in the sidebars, navigation part and other sections. When a title is clicked, a mobile friendly version of that page should open on the screen of their mobile phone. Mobile sites are gaining popularity now-a-days. You can easily create a mobile site using Google Reader. Below I mentioned five reasons why you should consider mobile-friendly version of your blog.


1. Increase the mobile traffic : Browsing through mobile is common now-a-days. Most of the mobiles released today have Internet facility. You can access it anywhere and also at any time. When people use the mobile web they are there for a specific reason. They don’t have time to search aimlessly. If your site is optimized for mobile users, they are more likely to click on the links instead of a regular blog designed for PC.

2. Targeted advertising : You can easily hit the mark when choosing right market for your product or any service, since people visit for a specific and targeted reason. With the variation in screen size, choose an advertising platform that offers different ad sizes to accommodate all mobile phones. Get right to the point in ads, telling the user what you want from them. It allows you to reach out to a new group of potential customers.

3. Extra Revenue : Mobile ads will provide you with an additional revenue channel from your blog. Also, your ad is the only one that will appear since only one page is shown at a time. It is not like the PC where you can switch between pages any time that you wish. In Mofuse, you can also integrate your mobile optimized site with Google AdSense and AdMob if you have a Partner ID.

4. Increase Popularity : Yes it increases popularity of your blog. Keeping a mobile site for your blog helps to increase its popularity. Your readers will think good about it, since you have created a mobile friendly site for them to access when they are in mobile web, at anytime and anywhere.

5. Make Your Readers Happy : You can make your readers happy by helping them to read your blog on the go. They may think less of you and your blog if you don’t have a mobile site of your blog that they love. Nobody finds enjoyable to read a PC-optimized blog in Mobile. Most of the PC optimized blogs are unnavigable.

Are you thinking your readers expect cool and attractive design of your blog in their mobile? Think once again! All they need is a decent design of your blog. That’s all. And the posts and articles should be in reverse chronological order.

Editor’s Note: Optimizing your website for mobiles is very important, since many users who access your website via mobiles might still be accessing it through GPRS or other low-speed and low-bandwidth technologies. One should consider this point and optimize their websites exclusively for mobiles. We will see different ways to make websites “mobile friendly” in coming days.

This guest article was written by S.Pradeep Kumar, a technical blogger and writer specializing in blogging tips, product reviews and tutorials. 

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