Check If Your PC Can Run Windows XP Mode in Windows 7

by: - Last updated on: December 17th, 2016

Last week we had seen how to install and use XP Mode in Windows 7. I had mentioned that one must check if the CPU has hardware virtualization support enabled or not. I had posted links to Intel and AMD’s sites to do that. Luckily, Microsoft has come out with the Hardware-Assisted Virtualization Detection Tool to give the user exact information if Hardware-Assisted Virtualization is supported by the computer and if it is enabled in the Bios.


This tool is compatible with all editions of Windows 7 as well as Windows Vista SP1 or SP2 and Windows XP SP3. The Hardware-Assisted Virtualization Detection Tool is a portable software program that will display the relevant information upon startup. It will either display that the cpu supports HAV and that it is enabled, that the cpu supports HAV but that it is not enabled in the Bios, that the cpu does not support HAV or that the operating system version is not compatible with the program. Information are provided for the second case.

Download Hardware-Assisted Virtualization Detection Tool

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