10 More Google Wave Gadgets to Play With

by: - Last updated on: August 24th, 2019

Just around a month back I had shared some cool Google Wave gadgets which I had listed down just after getting a Google Wave invite. A month down the line, I thought of revisiting Google Wave to check out any new gadgets to play around it. Most of them are still in beta, so be aware that few of them might not work as expected, but most of them will.

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10 More Google Wave Gadgets to Play With

1. Dr. Musical Wave


Dr. Musical Wave is similar to Lasty, which we saw in the previous list of Google Gadgets. It tells what a last.fm user is listening, Music compatibility between people, Similar artists to an artist you like and more. The good thing is, all of this with pictures to make it look colorful. Just add dr-music@appspot.com to your contact list and then to your wave.

2. Napkin


Napkin is a Google Wave Gadget written in Adobe Flex that allows you to do quick “back of a napkin” sketches within a Wave. It lets you draw or plot or mind map. Here is the direct import link to get started with collaborative drawing gadget for Google Wave.

3. ClackPoint


The ClackPoint gadget for Google Wave enables you to add audio-conferencing to your waves with a single click. Each wave with the ClackPoint gadget installed has its own private audio-conference, with participation available directly through the browser using our Flash 10 plugin, or via telephone using the provided code. Non-Wave participants can also be included by using the phone and sharing a participant code. In order to get started with Clackpoint, here is the direct import link.

4. Code Snippet


This is a default gadget available via Google Wave. So you must install it as an extension. it is simple and easy to use and I find it useful as well.

5. Dicerolling robot

Dicerolling robot for Google wave allow rolls in a lot of systems (d20, NWoD, GURPS, etc) with free switching between them and it allows each system to use its own syntax and result display that is most convenient for that system. Add dice-y@appspot.com to your contacts list and then to your Wave to get started.

6. Collaborative Sudoku


Collaborative Sudoku is a simple Sudoku game gadget for Google wave. Check out the direct import link to get started with Sudoku gadget on Google wave.

7. Ribbit Conference Call


The Ribbit Conference Gadget allows Wave participants to escalate an online collaboration session to a real-time audio communications session, allowing participants to talk with each other while collaborating. The Ribbit Conference Gadget is persistent in the Wave. You can download the Ribbit Conference gadget here.

8. Ribbit Message Gadget


The Ribbit Message Gadget allows Wave participants to connect to a Wave by calling an associated dial-in number and leaving an audio message. The Ribbit Message Gadget displays a transcription of the audio message along with the actual audio message attached as an MP3 file. A Ribbit Message “robot” automatically tracks recorded messages and responds to requests from the gadget. It is not yet available for download, watch out this space for an update.

9. Hobbity


Hobbity is a Google Wave plugin that will change your long URLs to shorter ones. It uses migre.me API to shorten the URL. Add hobbiturl@appspot.com to your contacts to get started.

10. Polly


Creates a Wave to poll recipients and store their answers. Users are able to dynamically alter their choices. Add polly-wave@appspot.com to your contacts link and then to your wave to get started.

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