These days, Internet TV is gaining popularity in a large scale and we see more & more Free online TV Shows are added on the web everyday. You can watch Live TV on iPhone as well!


Peer-2-Peer (P2P) software like Sopcast, PPLive etc have been the most popular ones that let you stream TV on Internet. But some people aren’t comfortable with them since they are Chinese products and they fear of getting infected due to some malicious program getting installed along with P2P software. For such guys, here is another P2P internet TV software which is NOT Chinese made.

PeerTV is a French P2P internet TV software that lets you watch TV program on internet in the same way as PPlive or Sopcast. As expected, the website and the installable are in French, so find below a small tutorial on how to install and use PeerTV.

Install PeerTV – Free P2P Internet TV

1. Download PeerTV software client for Window XP / Window Vista & 7.

2. Then start the installation of PeerTV software client. Click ‘Suivant‘.


3. Click ‘Qui‘ and then click ‘Suivant‘ for 4 times, this will start running P2P software client installation. Click ‘Quitter‘ (Exit) button after installation is completed.


4. You are all done! Select the TV or Radio channel you like and enjoy the programs!


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