When I wrote about all those super cool Google Wave gadgets, I plainly assumed that everyone reading the article will know how to install a Google wave gadget. It was a bad assumption from my part. So, here is a simple easy-to-use guide on how to install a Google wave gadget extension.

Google Wave Extensions come in two varieties: gadgets and robots. Gadgets are the most similar to the Facebook apps, you install them and they run as part of a wave (thread). Robots are more similar to the bots you see on Twitter, but far more sophisticated because they behave as kind of artificially intelligent participant in a wave.

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How to Add a Robot to Google Wave?

Step 1: Google Wave Robots (bots) will have their own wave email address. For example, the Wikify bot has an email address:, which is what you use to install the bot. Click the cross icon at the bottom of your contacts list in the left sidebar. Add the bot’s mail ID and click Submit.


Step 2: Create a New Wave by clicking on the New Wave button on the top


Step 3: At the top of the input box, you’ll notice your avatar photo with a cross to the left. Click the cross and a list of your contacts will appear, select Wikify (or any bot), then close the box.


Step 4: Type your message, follow the instructions you get on the screen and you are done!

How to Add a Gadget to Google Wave?

Adding a gadget to the Wave is as simple as adding a bot, but the procedure is slightly different.

Step 1: Create a new wave as shown in Step 2 above.

Step 2: In the top right corner of the input box you will see three little dots, click this icon [1]. A dropdown menu will appear, from this select the gadget icon [2]. Another box will appear, paste the url for your chosen gadget into it, and click Add [3].


Step 3: That’s it, your gadget is now a part of your wave, and you can share it with your contacts in the same way as any other wave.

How to Uninstall a Google Wave extension?

If you decide you no longer want an extension cluttering up your edit toolbar,

Step 1: Click the Settings link in the Navigation panel. A wave called Extension Settings appears.

Step 2: You will see all the extensions you have installed till date. Now you can uninstall any extension with the click of the Uninstall button. If you’re sure you’ll never want to install a particular extension again, click the Remove button to entirely remove the extension puzzle piece from your Extension Settings.

Hope you found this tutorial guide helpful. Happy Waving!

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