Continuing our tutorial series on Google Wave, here is the next one which will help you to embed Google Wave on your blog or website. I personally don’t find a reason yet to add Google Wave on TechPP, but then some of you might have a better idea and like to see it on your website. This tutorial will help you do that.

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How to Embed Google Wave on Your Wordpress Blog?

Mark Essel has written a nice article on how to embed Google Wave on a Wordpress blog. Follow the simple steps below:

1. Install the wavr plugin and activate it.

2. Once you have activated the plugin, you would need the WAVE ID to embed the wave.
[wave id="WAVE_ID"]

3. In order to find the Wave ID, check out the wave URL. If Google Wave URL is!w%252BSsJfE3HIC

the wave ID will be!w%252BSsJfE3HIC

4. Using Wavr plugin, you will have other parameters like setting the background color and others.

That’s it! You can embed any wave onto your Wordpress blog now. Note that, it slows down the page load and reaction time considerably.

How to Embed Google Wave on ANY website?

In case you are not on Wordpress and still want to add Google wave on your website, you don’t need to fret. There is an easier option for you.

1. Add to your Wave contacts.

2. Add embeddy to your new or existing wave.

3. It will show the code snippet and some options like changing the width, height, background color, font etc.


4. Copy that somewhere, or paste it in the Notepad.

5. Now you can remove Embeddy and add so you can make your Google Wave viewable in public.

6. Note the wave ID just as explained in step 3 of the tutorial on embedding wave on Wordpress blog.

7. Copy the script before tag and place the

tag wherever you like to see the Wavelet.

Hope you found this useful. Let me know in case you like to see any other tutorial on Google Wave.

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