Internet Privacy has started sound like an oxymoron! Be it the Web-Browser privacy or privacy of your personal data online or even cell phone privacy, it has always seemed like getting worse by the day. The latest addition to the bandwagon is Facebook!


Towards the end of the last year, Facebook announced some changes to their Privacy Policy and towards how they perceive users’ privacy. They would default the user profiles to be viewed by everyone, which means that anyone with a Facebook account can view your settings. It caused a huge uproar among some people, but I believe Facebook is just trying to give maximum control to the users on how they want different people to view their details on Facebook.

How to Change Facebook Privacy Settings?

Check out this official video which explains the available options/settings and a good idea to customize it to your needs

Cross Check Your Privacy Settings

Create and Populate Lists


The first thing you must do is segregate all your friends/contacts and put them into custom lists. Facebook lists provide a way for users to group their friends in order to organize them and to have more control of their privacy by using these lists. There are no such restrictions on the number of lists you can create, but having an optimal number makes your profile management easier. To create a list, login to Facebook, click on the Friends link on top, Press the Create List button. Enter the name you wish to call your list, and you can enter the friends you want to add to that list.

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Check Your Profile Privacy Settings


The next step is to check and set your privacy settings, which is the most important activity. So, go to Settings and then Privacy Settings. In the Privacy Settings window, go to Profile Information. Profile Information is where you can control what people can see on your profile. The default provided to Facebook users is: Everyone, which I guess is not what you want. So change it to whatever you like.

Log into your Facebook account and follow this link to instantly know how your profile might look to other people on Facebook who are not your friends.

Check Your Contact Privacy Settings


Now click on the Back to Privacy button to go back to the main privacy settings page. Here click on Contact Information. In this window, you are able to control who sees your contact information. Modify each privacy setting in the same way that you did for your profile information.

Check What Your Friends can Share about You to apps

This is another very important step. Nothing much has changed with respect to the recent changes done to Facebook privacy settings, but still, it is better to cross-check what all information is being shared to all apps and websites via your friends.


Control who can search you

You can control who can search for your Facebook profile by going to the Search area. You can select from five choices: Everyone, Friends and Networks, Friends of Friends, and Only Friends.

Protect Your Albums


Even after changing the privacy settings, it is better to cross-check if your albums are protected from strangers and stalkers. Visit your Photos privacy page and limit the access to “Only Friends” or just for one list!

All these together shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes of your time but helps you keep private and secure for a long time. Any additional settings change you wanna suggest?

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