Rapidshare has been one of the most popular file hosting services on the internet for quite sometime now. There are millions of files/e-books/songs/movies hosted on Rapidshare which you can find using any of these Rapidshare search services.


But, a major problem with Rapidshare has been that, if you do not have a premium account, you are forced to wait for some time before the actual file is available for download. We had previously seen a Rapidshare hack which involved typing in a javascript to reset the timer count to 0, which still works for many. But now, with RapidShare Countdown Remover Extension for Google Chrome, you can instantly download the files!


RapidShare Countdown Remover does exactly what it’s name suggests. After clicking “Free User”, you will be taken to the countdown page, it may show the first second in the countdown, but then the download circle will be revealed as if you waited the entire time. You do not have to wait the entire time, which could be more than 45 seconds or so.

The extension does not require any settings or window, just install it on your Chrome and it does the rest. One thing to note here is that this extension does not remove the download limits for any free user for an IP, it just removes the wait time before the download link is populated.

Download Rapidshare Countdown Remover [Update: The extension seems to have been removed]


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