For all the social networking freaks over here – Google has just announced Google Buzz, web’s latest kid on the block which pushes Google into the social media foray. Not that Google didn’t have connection with social networking, but with Google Buzz, they step into it in a big way!

So, what is Google Buzz?

What is Google Buzz?

Google Buzz is a new social communication tool which is Google’s take on “status updates” on popular sites like Facebook and Twitter. The best part of Google Buzz is that it integrates right into your GMail account. Google Buzz brings the underlying social network feature of Gmail to the surface by automatically setting you up to follow the people you email and chat with the most.


Google Buzz Features

  • Automatic following friends list (from Gmail contacts)
  • Rich and fast sharing
  • Public and private sharing
  • Seamless integration with your Gmail Inbox.
  • @Replies like Twitter
  • “Recommended” feature which shows buzzes from people you know.
  • Voice Recognition and Geotagging of Buzz
  • Nearby feature – like twitter, this feature will show Buzz from your contacts nearby
  • Integration of buzz conversations in Google Maps.


Google Buzz Official Demo Videos

Check out the official demo videos which explains Google Buzz in greater details

Visit or

Note: Google says they are still rolling out this feature slowly. In case you are not able to see Buzz in action now, wait for a while.

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