[How to] Hide/Remove Google Buzz From Your Gmail Inbox

by: - Last updated on: December 17th, 2016

Even before Google has completely rolled out Google Buzz for everyone, there have been protests and unhappiness about it from certain quarters on the web. Some people are unhappy about the increase in intrusion of their privacy and few others find Google Buzz as an addition to ever-growing noise in social networking world.

If you are one of those, feel lucky! It is not tough to keep away the Buzz from your Gmail inbox. According to Adam Pash, any Buzz notification automatically matches the Gmail query label:buzz, so all you’ve got to do is set up a quick filter to keep those Buzz notifications out of your inbox. Here’s how it works:

Filter Buzz Notifications Out of Your Gmail Inbox

1. Click on Create a filter link in Gmail (next to the search box)


2. In “Has the words” text box, enter label:buzz. Click on Next Step. Gmail will warn you that Filter searches containing label and a few other search operators won’t work, but don’t worry, they seem to work just fine, so click OK and move on.


3. Finally, tick the checkbox next to Skip the Inbox (Archive it) and the click the Create Filter button.


That’s it! From now on, your Gmail inbox should be Buzz-free. You can optionally add a special label to your Buzz items at this point, or you could just search label:buzz whenever you want to check out your Buzz notifications.

How to Turn Off Buzz completely?

In case, you want to turn off Buzz altogether, just find the tiny turn off buzz link at the very bottom of your Gmail window. I am using Adam’s screenshot as I am not lucky enough to get access to Buzz yet.


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  1. Great tip, I guess some people would not like Google Buzz, especially those who do not use gmail often or use it for business or communication with people who are not friends, for example college professors, landlords and similar.
    On the other hand I like Google Buzz so I will not remove it :)