The Buzz about Google Buzz is still on and doesn’t seem to die down anytime soon. My personal opinion is neutral when it comes to Google Buzz, so I have managed to use it as much as I can over the last 2 days.

While browsing, I found that some people have “Verified name” badge next to their names on their Google Profiles. This is much similar to the “Verified account” badge on Twitter. Moreover, having a Google verified profile enables your profile name to appear in Google web results! Now, that’s a real cool bonus, isn’t it? Luckily, verifying a Google Profile is not too tough really. The only thing is, currently, this works only in US right now.

Below is an example screenshot from the profile of Google’s executive – David Glazer.


The process involves registering self on Knol, one of Google’s side projects. It’s easy, free, and important to be able to give people the peace of mind that it’s really you, especially if you run an online business. This process is nothing new and exists for over an year now. Only because of Google Buzz, people have started to notice it in more numbers.

How to Verify your Google Buzz profile?

Step 1: Go to Knol. Click on “Sign in” on right top end of the page. Sign in with your Google username and password.

Step 2: Click on Preferences and then select Name Verification tab


Step 3: Choose an option to verify. You can either verify with your credit card or SSN (Social security number). Both of them work equally well. Previously, they used to provide an option to verify via Phone, which has now been replaced by SSN.

Once you submit your info, the system processes it rather quickly. Now, simply go to your Google Profile page and voila! You’re verified.

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