Original Vs Pirated DVDs – Which One You Buy?

by: - Last updated on: December 17th, 2016

I bumped across this infographic which explains clearly why it is better to buy a pirated DVD instead of an original one with never-ending FBI warnings, unskippable trailers, THX vanity sequences and more before you can start watching the actual movie!

You can click the image below for better viewing picture quality.


No, we are not recommending anything here, but just wonder why the hell they allow DVD creators to flag sequences as unskippable.

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  1. One more hilarious thing that if dvd contains many episodes and every time one insert it, has to go through all the trailers which suks… more than wasting of time its a frustration i feel.

  2. I prefer Original DVDs even though the pirated ones does get straight to the point because of two things which are special/extra features (such as behind the scenes, deleted scenes etc) and animated/CGI DVD menus. That’s why the Original DVDs are best to go. These two things cannot be replicated by pirates.

    Nuff said.