The schools, colleges and offices these days block many websites, especially the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc, video sharing websites like Youtube, Metacafe, Megavideo etc and web email clients like GMail, Yahoo mail & Hotmail. Depending upon how smart and knowledgeable the network admin is, the probability of tricks we suggest to unblock websites working or not working will vary! Some of the previously covered posts on accessing blocked websites are listed below:

In case none of the tricks given above work, here is a new innovative way to access blocked websites – using Online Mobile Simulators!


Online Mobile Simulators are meant to help webmasters and web designers to test their websites and blogs for mobile compatibility. One can use these tools to optimize their websites for mobile viewers. As the name suggests, they simulate the mobile browser experience on a desktop browser. And here is a cool way to use them for unblocking blocked websites!

How to Access Blocked Websites via Mobile Simulators?


There are different types of mobile simulators (or emulators as they are called) – Device emulators, Browser emulators, OS emulators. In this case we will only be using browser emulators.

1. Opera Mini Simulator

Opera has provided a live demo page for Opera Mini 5 beta that functions as it would when installed on a mobile device. This simulator is powered by MicroEmulator which mandates you to have Java installed on your PC. Just open the simulator and enter the URL of the blocked website in the address bar and press Enter.


Voila!! You can now access the blocked website! I see that the request is being routed through the Opera servers somewhere in Poland, so this acts like a VPN and hence the restrictions set by your network admin might not hold good for this!

2. dotMobi Online Emulator

dotMobi’s online emulator lets you to quickly see what your site will look like on a common phone. This is very similar to Opera Mini simulator, which “emulates” a real mobile phone Web browser. Even for this to work, you need to have the latest version of Java installed on your PC.


You have couple of skins to choose from – Nokia N70 skin or Sony K750 skin. Choose any of the two and enter the URL of the blocked website on the right hand side address bar and press Submit. Your request gets routed through the dotMobi servers in UK and you can browse through your favorite websites at ease.

I tried few other mobile simulators/emulators, but none of them worked as expected. In case you know of any similar simulator which can be used to access blocked websites, let me know via comment forum and I can include them in the list above.

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