The developers at Opera seem to be working over-time these days. Just a few days back Opera 10.5 final was released and now Opera Mini 5 (beta) is made available for Android based phones.

If you remember, couple of weeks back, we had reported that Opera Mini for iPhones will be coming soon, but now Opera has rolled out the beta release of Mini browser for Android phones. This comes within an year of releasing Opera Mini 4 for Android.


The main change in this latest version of Opera mini is the introduction of “tabbed browsing” which has become a must-have feature for all smartphone browsers these days. In addition to the tabbed browsing, Opera Mini 5 beta has

  • Speed Dial
  • Password manager and
  • Opera Link (bookmark sync)

The default Android browser itself has most of these features, but Opera Mini 5 can still be a worthy contender considering the fact that they pipe everything through a data compression proxy before sending it to your handset, which would definitely improve your browsing speed especially when you are using 3G or GPRS.

Few more screenshots of the Mini browser




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