6 Best Firefox Printing Plugins

by: - Last updated on: June 27th, 2022

Everybody who uses Firefox does so because of the incredible flexibility and options it provides. Here we’re going to take a look at a few of the top Firefox plugins designed to save some steps in the printing process.


1. Print/Print Preview

This plugin takes the place of the ‘Print’ button with the Mozilla ‘Print/Print Preview’ button. It works with Firefox versions 1.5 through 3.6. If you already have the ‘Print’ button on your toolbar, the change will be automatic. If you do not, simply click on ‘View’ then ‘Toolbars’ and ‘Customise’ to add it. Once added, there will be an additional arrow for the dropdown menu. It is a very useful extension that’s an easy fix for FF 3.5.5 and 3.6. This plugin is great for making PDF files of a page.

2. Print

When on a web page that you want to print, this add-on allows you to do so straight from the context menu. It uses the original FF commands much like those located in the file menu and not the javascript window.print. It also offers support for many locales-English, French, German, Italian, Korean and Thai.

3. PrintPDF

This plugin allows those using Windows and Linux to print web pages to PDF. It requires just one click to save a web page as a PDF file – much like the export button does in OpenOffice. It is a great extension but it should be noted that it doesn’t support printing the horizontal orientation of a page.

4. Print Context Menu

This extension provides you with the ability to print and preview web pages from the context menu. It is compatible with Firefox 1.5 through 3.5. If you have ever wanted to print something that was located inside a scrolling box, but couldn’t, or if you were only able to print what was visible, this add-on bypasses this type of web page design problem. It is quite useful and it is actually a bit surprising that this option is not included in Firefox in the first place.

5. Print Hint

This add-on assists you in quickly locating printer-friendly versions of web pages. A green icon indicates the presence of a ‘print stylesheet’ which are web pages that are in print-ready format. Click on the green icon to print. Some sites provide a separate page for printing. An orange icons shows that the add-on detects a link to a print version, so simply click on the orange icon to load the ‘print version’ of the page. In the most recent version of the extension, the icon is integrated into the browser’s print button. If you do not have the button on your toolbar, right click on toolbar then click ‘customise’ and simply drag the print icon to the toolbar.

6. Print Image

This last plugin adds “Print Image” to the context and it allows you to just print a single image on a page, which is very convenient and saves a good amount of ink when you do not necessarily want the entire page printed. It is a handy add-on that saves time. You may find that your pop-up blocker stops it before it gets to the print stage. If this is the case, disable your pop-up blocker, right click and print. Then close the unwanted tab and enable the pop-up blocker again.

This is a guest post by Tom Walker who writes and designs for an online specialist supplier of HP 350 ink cartridges and toners for the print industry.

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  1. Another great informative article Raju.Thanks for finding something I didn’t know about (again)Be well!

  2. Are you familiar with any method to create PDFs from the browser that converts hyperlinks? Only method I have known basically sends the URL to some website that sends you the PDF back, sometimes via email. Nitro provides such a tool that gives you the PDF right back, but it largely fails to work.

    With printer-based PDF conversion tools, hyperlinks in the resulting PDF file are all dead, which of course is because the real printers did not care for them, so the applications that print do not send hyperlink information to the PDF conversion utility.

    If converting from MS-Word, Adobe Acrobat Pro is the only choice I am aware of. But I want to print from the browser!

    Even if there is some browser plugin that manipulates the web page HTML to make all URLs (except images) visible in text form, that would work too. At least the PDF (or a real printout) would show the URL behind the underlined text.

    Any help on this will be highly appreciated.

    1. Adobe Acrobat Pro on Windows and Mac includes browser plug-ins for Firefox, which allow you to create PDFs with embedded hyperlinks. The only issue is that since Firefox is updating its version numbers so quickly these days, Adobe Acrobat Pro gets disabled by default in the newer FF versions. At the same time, Adobe is not releasing updates to its plugin quickly enough to keep up with pace of FF releases. Happily, Adobe Acrobat X currently works with Firefox v.6.x, even though the current version of Firefox is 8.x. So, as long as you keep a copy of Firefox 6.x on your system, you can use it with Acrobat Pro (I do so on the Mac).

      There’s no versioning problem with Acrobat Pro for Internet Explorer however, so you can use Acrobat with the latest version of IE :).