iPhone 4.0 Announced, with Multitasking!

by: - Last updated on: October 30th, 2019


So, it is confirmed now. Apple has announced the arrival of Apple iPhone OS 4.0 with the developer version being released today and guess what? It comes with 100 new features!! The most important one being MULTI-TASKING!!


This is huge Apple fanboys. All those who were cribbing about the lack of multi-tasking would now heave a sign of huge relief. And probably for Google (Android) this is a big setback.

Multitasking in iPhone 4.0

Apple says that even though they are not the first to come out with multitasking, they will surely be the best in implementing. The aim is to make sure that the apps are not sluggish when multi-asked. Effectively this means you can listen to your favorite songs on Pandora while writing an email or browsing the web and in case you get a call over skype, you can receive it in one click!

Go here for a list of all the important iPhone 4.0 features

iPhone 4.0 Release

iPhone 4.0 will be available for the end users this summer. But the important thing to note here is iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 3G will be able to utilize most of the iPhone 4.0 features. But the older iPhone 3G and iPod Touches will not have certain features like multi-tasking sue to hardware limitations.

Img Credit: Gizmodo

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