Ever wondered how the Internet was in its nascent stages of early 90s? What the people thought about the world wide web? Did they ever see it becoming so big and almost being part of our everyday lives?

CBC Prime Time News makes one of the first news mainstream reports on the “revolution” called “internet” dated October 8, 1993 (?)

“… there are a whopping 15 million people online, connected around the world to this thing called the Internet. “

This is a must watch video for all internet geeks.

First Report On The Internet – CBC Prime Time News

“… there’s not a lot of cursing or swearing, there’s not a lot of personal cuts, there’s not a lot of the put-downs that one would expect to find. There’s not screenfulls full of ‘Go to hell’…”

We surely have come a long way! Isn’t it?

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