Have you heard the news that, starting July 8th, Facebook would be charging $3.98 a month to use Facebook? or is it $14.99 a month? or Rs 265 a month? Obviously this is not true and more so it is a scam.


This has been there for a while but seems to have picked up lots of steam over the last few weeks. Several Facebook groups have been started with an aim to scare and fool people that Facebook will start charging soon. When I searched for “Facebook charging” term in Facebook, I was shocked to see thousands of Facebook groups in the search results!


There are millions of Facebookers who have fallen prey to these scam groups which include some of my Facebook friends as well. The modus-operandi of these scam groups/pages is to get as many people to join their groups and then try different ways to extract money from unsuspecting users. The ways range from mobile subscriptions to free gift cards.

I really wonder how these scam groups get through the Facebook filters. Looking at some of these groups, they seem to have been formed few months back but still exist and continue to grow right under Facebook’s eyes.

Just in case you are still wondering, Facebook is not currently and never will charge a single penny to access their service.

By the way I heard Google is charging its users to access its search?

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